Re: [DNS] auDA media release

Re: [DNS] auDA media release

From: Ian Smith <smithi§>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 00:49:59 +1000 (EST)
On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Steven Ebsary wrote:

 > On Thu, Jun 19, 2003, Ian Halson wrote:
 > > If my Reseller moved my domain name about between registrars on a 
 > > regular basis I would opt to change Reseller

 > I think most resellers would agree, there are a couple of reasons why
 > you would want to change the domain's registrar.

The registrant is who chooses their registrar.  Resellers may offer to 
register the domain on their behalf at a particular registrar, but as I
understand it, the registrant may choose to continue to use a particular
registrar, or to transfer their domain to a registrar of their choice.

 > Top of the list would have to be to reduce administration costs of the
 > domains, like many I like to make sure my domains have correct contact
 > information and nameservers.

The registrants' domains actually, that resellers may manage for a fee.

 > Next would have to be service, the reseller chooses a registrar based
 > on a number of things, service would have to be the top of it, do they
 > have a good interface? is thier support good? 

Sure.  But once chosen, the registrant would have to affirm approval of
any proposed move of _their_ domain to another registrar.  As they do. 

 > I like to have a good relationship with companies I deal with, having
 > someone at the end of the phone to help resolve a issue with a domain,
 > that I have delt with before.

Sure, but the choice of registrar remains the registrant's, does it not? 
Or can your Terms and Conditions remove the registrant's choice of such?

 > Price do come into play here, most resellers do charge a price, to register
 > the domain for the client and set it up, and renew it. If they client
 > has to pay the reseller and the registrar (when they differ, because the 
 > reseller doesnt have a relationship with the other registrar) they start to
 > wonder can they go elsewhere and just pay the one company? 

Sure.  It's the client's domain licence; they'll seek the best service. 


 > You can't think the worst of resellers reasons behind moving domains, because
 > honestly, most are just trying to win the clients to make that minimal 
 > margin for doing everything for the client.

No problem if resellers obtain a registrant's permission, is there then? 

 > Thanks Craig for clearing up the legal issues regarding it, getting the 
 > registrant to give the reseller the power of attorney (by way of T&C's)
 > is the best way to go until resellers are recognised more clearly as 
 > resellers by auDA.

I didn't see Craig Ng anywhere suggest that power of attourney could be
assigned by way of Terms and Conditions; that was Skeeve in hopeful
mode, perhaps?  IANAL, but that notion smells legally sus to me .. 

Cheers, Ian
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