RE: [DNS] auDA media release

RE: [DNS] auDA media release

From: David Moore <moored§>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:04:59 +1000
Absolutely the reseller does all the hard work, and then has no say, get
real this doesn't happen in the .com domain space I would much rather sell a
.com domain it is far easier to manage.

Regards David Moore
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as a reseller,

You do feel alienated, and being able to protect your acquired business long
term, You do feel that taken away from you, like you do not count???.

Any one shares that as a reseller??.


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On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Steven Ebsary wrote:

 > On Thu, Jun 19, 2003, Ian Halson wrote:
 > > If my Reseller moved my domain name about between registrars on a 
 > > regular basis I would opt to change Reseller

 > I think most resellers would agree, there are a couple of reasons why  >
you would want to change the domain's registrar.

The registrant is who chooses their registrar.  Resellers may offer to 
register the domain on their behalf at a particular registrar, but as I
understand it, the registrant may choose to continue to use a particular
registrar, or to transfer their domain to a registrar of their choice.

 > Top of the list would have to be to reduce administration costs of the  >
domains, like many I like to make sure my domains have correct contact  >
information and nameservers.

The registrants' domains actually, that resellers may manage for a fee.

 > Next would have to be service, the reseller chooses a registrar based  >
on a number of things, service would have to be the top of it, do they  >
have a good interface? is thier support good? 

Sure.  But once chosen, the registrant would have to affirm approval of any
proposed move of _their_ domain to another registrar.  As they do. 

 > I like to have a good relationship with companies I deal with, having  >
someone at the end of the phone to help resolve a issue with a domain,  >
that I have delt with before.

Sure, but the choice of registrar remains the registrant's, does it not? 
Or can your Terms and Conditions remove the registrant's choice of such?

 > Price do come into play here, most resellers do charge a price, to
register  > the domain for the client and set it up, and renew it. If they
client  > has to pay the reseller and the registrar (when they differ,
because the 
 > reseller doesnt have a relationship with the other registrar) they start
to  > wonder can they go elsewhere and just pay the one company? 

Sure.  It's the client's domain licence; they'll seek the best service. 


 > You can't think the worst of resellers reasons behind moving domains,
because  > honestly, most are just trying to win the clients to make that
 > margin for doing everything for the client.

No problem if resellers obtain a registrant's permission, is there then? 

 > Thanks Craig for clearing up the legal issues regarding it, getting the 
 > registrant to give the reseller the power of attorney (by way of T&C's)
> is the best way to go until resellers are recognised more clearly as 
 > resellers by auDA.

I didn't see Craig Ng anywhere suggest that power of attourney could be
assigned by way of Terms and Conditions; that was Skeeve in hopeful mode,
perhaps?  IANAL, but that notion smells legally sus to me .. 

Cheers, Ian

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