RE: [DNS] More on the issue of reseller / registrar relationship

RE: [DNS] More on the issue of reseller / registrar relationship

From: Ian D Johnston <ian.johnston§>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 14:53:37 +1000

You have touched on one of a number of issues of concern to resellers (I
presume) ... a resellers' association is an interesting response.  It looks as
though auDA might have another representative class member ;-).

What I find missing from the auDA environment is a forum in which auDA, auDA
Panel members, industry participants, stakeholders and citizens collectively
*engage* one another on specific issues.  I appreciate the participation of a
small number of people on this list (who are Board members).  In the past there
was talk of an auDA members' list.

Ian Johnston

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> Subject: [DNS] More on the issue of reseller / registrar relationship
> To me the central issue is whether, as a reseller, I'm empowering a
> competitor to my own detriment.
> My customer list (as distinct from my contact list) is a key asset to my
> business.  As a reseller of domain names I'm obligated to not only disclose
> that list, but to entrust it to my registrar.  Having inherited my customer,
> that registrar can then approach them with impunity, because auDA's
> jurisdiction does not extend beyond domain names.
> If my registrar offers competing services to my clients I have a serious
> reservation in dealing with that registrar.  If a registrar approaches my
> _potential_ customer and wins the business, that's fair competition.  If my
> registrar simply adopts my _existing_ customer and takes my business, that's
> piracy.
> I know of no other commercial endeavour in which a business is compelled to
> hand over their customers to their competitors, with neither protection not
> recourse.  And here's a challenge to registrars - who will give a cast iron
> guarantee that I as a reseller am not at risk from such predatory business
> practice.
> Is there anybody out there interested in establishing a Reseller's
> Association to restore some balance / equity in this minefield of reseller /
> registrar relationships?
> Ron Stark
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