Re: [DNS] More on the issue of reseller / registrar relationship

Re: [DNS] More on the issue of reseller / registrar relationship

From: Steven Ebsary <steven§>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 11:19:38 +0800
> Indeed, the Competition Policy Advisory Panel recommended (Policy compliance
> checks - 2.4.3 & 2.4.4) <>: ...
> that compliance checks for non-objective policy rules be approved by an
> independent body before a domain name is submitted to the registry.  ... the
> independent body would ensure fairer, more equitable and consistent application
> of domain name policy rules.  ... would also guard against registrar-shopping by
> registrants to obtain ?soft? policy compliance checking.
> The Panel recommendation at 2.4.3 was not implemented by auDA.  I can find no
> explanation on the auDA website for auDA not accepting this recommendation.  The
> auDA Board's decisions on the Final Report are at
> <>.

As a reseller, we would like to put forward that resellers are able to hold an
agreement with the registrant of a domain, and that there is no need for the registrant
to deal/sign with the registrar. The reseller already has a agreements in place with the
registrars to say they will abibe by all the policies, why cant the model extend right
out to the reseller?

Can this be any more simple? 


Steven Ebsary
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