Re: [DNS] Enetica

Re: [DNS] Enetica

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 13:26:17 +0800
  Hi DRS,
 interesting comment from you.  (whoever you are).   not sure who you mean
by " these people",  but  I hope it wasn't me or the other resellers.

As resellers, wWe know that we all compete in the same space - with each
other and with the other registrars.  That is obvious.  it's accepted and
it's the way it is.  no probs.  no arguments.

Sean's point is that if he was a registrar with a channel, he would NOT
market to his reseller's clients.

this is the point of this whole issue.    that is the primary BAD practice
that needs to be stopped.

imho, this practice would not be done by an ethical and honourable registrar
looking after his channel resellers.


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> Sounds a little too logical for these people Sean.

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> From: Sean Finn [mailto:sean&#167;]
> I sure as heck would not market to my resellers clients, but I can still
> compete in the same space for mine.

> -Sean.
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> From: Richard Keeves [mailto:richard&#167;]
What concerns me is that Enetica (and others) think it
> ok to compete with their channel -  and target the same registrant client
> who was introduced to them by the reseller.   that is a business practice
> that is *not*  ok.
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