Chris, there has to be a better way...

Chris, there has to be a better way...

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:25:41 +0800
 Att:  Chris Disspain  (please)

Chris,  not sure if this is a trivial issue or not to you, but the current
reseller situation is not working - at least not for the resellers.  It
appears that the auDA rules need to be changed.  I do not pretend to have
the answer other than to set up a different not-for-profit registrar as a
co-op where resellers know that they will not be screwed by their upline
registrar.   That new registrar seems to be one way around this mess.

perhaps another way is to allow resellers to legitimately act on behalf of
their registrar to serve and service the registrant client.  as an agent of
the registrar perhaps?    after all, that is what resellers do.  we work at
the pointy end, at the coal-face with the client.   and we work through our
registrar of choice.

I don't think any of us resellers actually  want to go thru the
time-consuming hassle of forming a new registrar, but we will if we have to.

Surely there must be a better way.

Chris, as the CEO of auDA - and the leader of domain management in
Australia - do you have any comments ?

I am thinking that you must have a view - even if just to explain why the
policy is in place.  i can understand if the reseller goes out of business
then someone needs to service the client - and it should be the registrar.
but as long as the reseller is around, I am  finding it hard to comprehend
the need for the registrant to have to contact the registrant directly.
(unless the whole policy was perverted  by would-be registrars in the
formative stages of auDA so they could grow their patch of turf...)

seems that auDa needs to better recognise the role of the reseller.

Some leadership about how this situation  could  be  resolved  would be
helpful right now.

Richard Keeves

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From: "Deus Ex Machina" <vicc&#167;>
> so you are publically offering to breach the auda policies over transfer
and direct registrant contracts?
> you are legally bound to enter into a contract directly with registrants.
how do you propose
> to do this without the registrants knowledege?
> let us know if you work out how to by-pass the auda policies you are
> bound to without auda suspending your registrar licence.
> Vic
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