RE: [DNS] List of Registrars Supporting Their Channels

RE: [DNS] List of Registrars Supporting Their Channels

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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 17:38:20 +1000
Richard, we don't have a reseller channel and do not wish to have one,
therefore we are probably irrelevant to your list.
Hypothetically, if we did have resellers we wouldn't intentionally market to
their clients. We've been a reseller ourselves and are very aware of the
situation where you feel like you are working your butt off to build a
client base for the use of someone else. There is a solution to that though,
become a Registrar.


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From: "Lucian Daniel Kafka" <luci&#167;>
> Which AU registrars have done the wrong thing by their channels and how? I
> am interested in actual cases not theoretical scenarios.

Rather than playing the game of naming the bad ones, let's play the game
where Registrars come out and specify that they will support their channel -
and that they will not target their reseller's clients directly.

A far more valuable game right now - esp to resellers.

Correct me if I am wrong here guys, but here it is as i see it from the last
few days

Enetica:     think it is ok to go direct
Explorer:   say they won't go direct, but doubts have been raised on list.
Melb IT:     who knows?  they allow accidents to happen...
Intaserve:   tick.   say they won't go direct.

let's add to it and see where this goes...


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