Registrant Agreements

Registrant Agreements

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The registrant *must* have knowledge of the Registrar as they have to enter
into a Registrant Agreement with that Registrar. Surely this would be stated
in your Reseller Agreement?.

If you're providing a *service* for your clients one would imagine you'd
ensure the domains are registered in line with relevant policy.
10.1 Registrant Agreement
The Registrar must:
10.1.1 enter into a binding and enforceable Registrant Agreement with
each of its Registrants upon approval of the Domain Name
Application; and
10.1.2 comply with the provisions of the Registrant Agreements.

15.3 Responsibility of Registrar
The Registrar is responsible for all acts and omissions of its Reseller in
respect of services provided under the Reseller Licence as if they were the
acts and omissions of the Registrar under this document.


Jacqui Maiolo

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Resellers, in the main, act on behalf of the registrant when registering a
domain name and this process does not involve the registrant knowingly
entering into any contract with the registrar.  A registrant can not be
legally bound by a contract they have no knowledge of and most definitely
have not directly entered into, this has already been established by the
fact that resellers have no status with auDA and cannot be legally acting on
behalf of a registrant.



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