Re: [DNS] Proposal for policy change

Re: [DNS] Proposal for policy change

From: Marco Botros <mehanna§>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 00:45:25 +1000
This is not as simple as that,

As a reseller, I would love to be governed by auDA,
because I am still suppling a (more or less) a government
domain name license to the registrant!

No body in business wants to be governed by his supplier
My registrar is my supplier and as much as we can we
endeavour to protect, each others business interest that is all, I have
to watch my relationship with them (the registrar) as they with us (the

I know what the registrar are bound by before auDA,

If I do any thing wrong, auDa can simple tell my registrar
or all the registrar(s) to discontinue or not to deal with me any further
or at all, or even introduce a penalty, a fine, something or what ever!!.

My thinking leads me to this, auDA must realise, if it doesn't already
that it is again, an Internet governing authority in the land, and we all
answer to
them directly in regards to fairness, policy, supply or demand!!!.

PLEASE This must be clearly understood, and added to the auDa policy with
regards to all us, who are the registrant, reseller or the registrar!.


Marco Botros
Spirit Servers

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Subject: RE: [DNS] Proposal for policy change

Hello Richard,

> I would like to see something like the following system adopted:
> 1. The Registry enforces domain name eligibility and policy
> compliance in software and alerts the registrant (and/or
> their nominated intermediary, as appropriate) of upcoming
> domain expiry.
> All trivial stuff which can be done automatically at
> practically zero incremental cost.
> 2. Anyone with the technical expertise to interface with the
> registry system can become a registrar. Being a registrar is
> now a much simpler process (with the registry applying
> policy) so the fees can be revised downwards to more
> reasonable levels. My opinion is that the fee could something
> like a $2000 accreditation fee plus a pre-payment of a few
> thousand against registrations/renewals to weed out tiny
> registrars (but even tiny registrars could exist if they saw
> a commercial advantage in it).

You are describing the current system - except you want to change the
accreditation criteria for a registrar.  auDA recently carried out a
review of this criteria, and I am sure they will again in future.

The existance of resellers is a matter of market dynamics.  It is purely
up to resellers whether they choose to work through a registrar or
become a registrar.  Just as a registrant can choose to operate through
a reseller, registrar or registry (by becoming a registrar).   The
important part of the new regime, is that resellers are required to
comply with the same policies and code of conduct as registrars.

So as Jon Lawrence has pointed out - exercise your choice and become a
registrar if you wish.  It is a simple business decision.  If a
registrar does not provide any value as you claim then become a
registrar.  Or if a reseller provides no value, then go direct to the

I see no reason to limit the number of choices.  It seems to me that you
are arguing for the removal of resellers from the system, rather than
the reverse.

Bruce Tonkin

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