DDNS's (begrudging) auDA WWW site compliance or "Tamara Evans strikes again"

DDNS's (begrudging) auDA WWW site compliance or "Tamara Evans strikes again"

From: David G Thompson <dgt§dthompson.wattle.id.au>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:30:17 -0700
Hi all,

The use of abstracted visual imagery in contemporary corporate marketing 
literature remains a constant source of fascination and (at times) 
amusement to me. For example, annual reports from global corporates that 
are often artfully adorned with iconic pictures of New York City, the 
Sydney Opera House, Mount Fuji in Japan to name a few commonly used 
(read abused) images.  The use of digital camera images, Photoshop and 
WWW site design have in recent times resulted in a veritable explosion 
of this phenomena.

After reading the recent auDA advisory regarding DDNS that directed, and 
I quote,

"DDNS to post a corrective notice on its web site, for a period of 30 

I was intrigued to visit their site and see whether compliance in this 
regard had been effected. Indeed it has ... However its placement next 
to the "Generation X digital photo" of one Tamara Evans has resulted 
wittingly or unwittingly in what to me is a highly amusing visual pun.

After being the subject of a minor flame war on this list some time ago 
about whether DDNS had the rights to use this image, Tamara appears to 
me at least to be leering at the viewer of the WWW page suggesting, 
visually at least, that DDNS are begrudging complying with the auDA 
advisory that she towers above.

See <http://www.ddns.com.au/>

Gone are the days when compliance of this sort was required by precedent 
at least to be respectfully displayed on corporate letterhead and 
dutifully signed off by the CEO or Chairman.

 From the CA swimming pool

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