international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 22:10:07 +1000 (EST)
Melbourne IT to buy Domainz
Our sources tell us that leading Australian registrar
Melbourne IT has sought to shore up it's market share
losses in the Australian market with a purchase of dominant
.nz registrar, Domainz.

Offshore bids for Domainz
More than 10 local and overseas interests are bidding to
acquire domain name registrar Domainz, which owner Internet
New Zealand is cutting loose to provide more competition in
the market.

Domain transfers reversed
A web hosting company has been ordered to reverse the
transfer of more than 500 Australian domain names it made
during the past two months.,7204,6836231%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Air France Wins 'Typosquat' Web site Case
French carrier Air France on Wednesday won the right to
take over a Web Site that uses a garbled version of its
name apparently to steer business toward other travel firms
and some finance companies.

ICANN Preliminary Report of 23 July 2003 Special Meeting of
the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 23 July 2003. Directors Ivan Moura Campos, Vint Cerf,
Lyman Chapin, Mouhamet Diop, Tricia Drakes, Masanobu Katoh,
Veni Markovski, Thomas Niles, Michael D. Palage, Alejandro
Pisanty, Hualin Qian, Njeri Rionge (joined while in
progress), and Paul Twomey participated. The meeting was
held for the sole purpose of filling the positions of Chair
and Vice Chair of the Board, and electing members to each
standing committee of the Board. Board took the following

Renew domain names yourselves, website owners warned
In the largest procedural shake-up since its inception in
1996, Nominet UK has announced that the registration of .uk

Domain name registrar to give '.ph' domains for free
Local Philippine domain registry dotPH is giving out the
".ph" domain to Philippine residents for free in a bid to
boost adoption of the country domain, an official told on Friday.

Professional domain goes live (reg req'd)
Professionals will this week get their own domain name when
.pro goes live on July 31 * but a rush to register the
domain is not expected.

Google loses its domain name in China (reg req'd)
In March, a Chinese arbitration body rejected Google's
claim to have transferred to it from a local
company. The panel of arbitrators failed to take into
account issues such as the international conventions China
is party to before coming to their verdict.

Le Corbusier Domain Names - from Baker & McKenzie's Global
E-Law Alert
In Fondation Le Corbusier v. Monsieur Bernard Weber, Madame
Heidi Weber a WIPO panel considered a complaint disputing
32 domain names that included the name "Le Corbusier".
Exercising the wisdom of Solomon, the panel ordered that 8
be transferred to the Complainant, and denied relief on the
others. domain name is property – so owner can sue VeriSign
A court ruled on Friday that VeriSign could be liable for
the unauthorised transfer of the lucrative domain name to an ex-convict, in possibly the first ruling
where a domain name has been protected as a traditional
property right.


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