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international domain news

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InternetNZ bolsters independence
Organisations that run their own country-code top-level
domains, such as InternetNZ, should have greater confidence
in their independence after a meeting of global internet
body ICANN in Montreal last month.

Senator: ICANN Crucial To 'Net Security
A lack of public accountability in the group that manages
the Internet's worldwide addressing system poses "great
dangers" to national security, a key senator said

.us - Senators to Quiz New ICANN Leader
Australian businessman Paul Twomey is scheduled to make his
debut appearance on Capitol Hill today to answer senators'
questions about the legitimacy and public accountability of
the group that manages the Internet's worldwide addressing

Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Communications Hearing testimonies

.us - Senator: ICANN Crucial To 'Net Security
A lack of public accountability in the group that manages
the Internet's worldwide addressing system poses "great
dangers" to national security, a key senator said today.

Staff Manager's Issues Report on UDRP Review
At its 17 April 2003 meeting, the GNSO Council decided (in
Decision 5) to request that the staff produce an issues
report on review of ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute
Resolution Policy (UDRP). This Issues Report will briefly
summarize the work of the DNSO UDRP Review Task Force,
provide a preliminary catalog of issues, characterize the
interests of various stakeholder groups, and set forth
recommendations for moving forward.

Higher risk of losing your .uk domain names
In the largest procedural shake-up since its inception in
1996, Nominet UK has announced that the registration of
domain names ending .uk will need to be positively renewed
every two years or they will be deleted. Changes begin on

Network Solutions glitch hits 30,000 sites
A software glitch in the company's hosted Web addressing
system knocks what may have been as many as 30,000 Web
sites and e-mail addresses offline for several hours.

North Korea develops internet
North Korea may be about to open its first domestically
hosted website accessible from the internet.

Cybersquatters hit Winter Games
Barely two weeks after winning the Winter Olympic Games for
2010, the city of Vancouver and the Whistler resort has
already been hit by cybersquatters.

Domain names have always been a source of contention
The '.bm' top level domain name is the country code
assigned to Bermuda on the Internet. Thus sites ending with
the '.bm' domain are marked as having been assigned by an
agency of the Bermuda government.

.ie bogus renewal notices
Irish domain registrar has issued a warning to
all domain name owners to be wary of bogus renewal notices.

Is VeriSign Liable for Loss of Sex?
In a decision that takes some power away from registrars
and puts it into the hands of their customers, the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals last week gave the original owner
of the domain name the power to sue VeriSign for
improperly turning his domain name over to a convicted
felon based on a forged letter.

The number of .com domain names registered worldwide now
exceeds 'Internet boom' levels
Just when you thought the Internet boom was over, Virtual
Internet, a leading European provider of business web
hosting, has identified the highest level of .com domain
name registrations ever. According to Virtual Internet's
figures, which are based upon its global monitoring tools,
there are now 23,795,131 .com domain names registered
around the world, 477,657 more .com names than at the
height of registrations in October 2001. suffers outage
A denial-of-service attack rendered Microsoft's corporate
Web site inaccessible for more than an hour on Friday
afternoon, amid heightened fears that a major Internet
attack could be on the horizon. swings to loss
Internet domain registrar Inc. Thursday said
it swung to a second-quarter loss as two hostile takeover
attempts earlier this year raised costs.

Domain Name Detour
...If you try to play a DVD on your computer but the latest
driver for your DVD hardware isn't installed, you'll get an
error message about a missing "DVD decoder" and will be
told to go to
If Windows 2000 is installed for the first time and notices
that a PC's BIOS isn't adequate, you see a pretty blue
screen that lets you know this. It says, "Contact your
system manufacturer or visit"
The whole W2K operating system is on the lookout for
opportunities to direct you to
References to this domain name are embedded in such system
files as NTkrnlpa.exe and NTOSkrnl.exe.
For a time, had useful information and
plenty of new drivers. But then a funny thing happened. At
some point, Microsoft lost control of the domain name. Now it's run by Ultimate
Search (, a company in Hong Kong, which
uses the site to display sponsored links that aren't
labeled as ads.,3959,1205151,00.asp

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