international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 22:00:39 +1000 (EST)
Mixed interest in Domainz sale
The sale of Domainz, the ex-monopoly supplier of New
Zealand domain names, has generated some interest in its
homeland and Australia, but many potential buyers have
decided against bidding for what they perceive as a company
on the decline.,2000048590,20276855,00.htm

Domainz sale as early as next week
InternetNZ is going through the “final bits and pieces” of
the sale of Domainz, and a sale may be announced as early
as next week.

Ministry to formulate rules on 'cybersquatting'
The Korean government said yesterday that it is moving to
set up legal protection for Internet domain addresses in a
bid to head off profit-oriented registrations by

auDA reverses domain transfer after policy breach
Regulatory authority auDA has reversed a transfer of over
500 domain names, after it found Enetica reseller Web
Access had breached policy relating to transfers.,2000048590,20276702,00.htm

Domain Names NZ falls foul of DNC
A new domain name marketing campaign from Australia has
fallen foul of the Domain Name Commissioner (DNC).

InternetNZ bolsters independence
Organisations that run their own country-code top-level
domains, such as InternetNZ, should have greater confidence
in their independence after a meeting of global internet
body ICANN in Montreal last month.

Activist adopts web address as first name
She knew her new name might finally stick when she got a
phone message recently: "Hi, This is your
mother. Please call me.",1608,210170-113-380,00.html


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