international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 22:33:28 +1000 (EST)
au domains increase with competition
The number of Australian domain names has increased by 24
percent, according to the au Domain Administrator.,2000048590,20276945,00.htm

Korean Script Domain Names to Be Used With '.kr' Suffix
Domestic Internet users will be able to use Korean script
with the `.kr’ suffix on their Internet addresses beginning
August 19, the Ministry of Information and Communication
(MIC) said yesterday.

Domain name scammer old hand
The man behind the latest domain name scam to hit New
Zealand registrants was behind a similar scheme run last

Questions on domain name offer
A mass mailing to "" internet domain name owners this
week seeking to trick them into buying "" domains
looks likely to backfire after the local "virtual office"
unwittingly servicing the scam almost became a victim.

Commission urges caution with Domain Names NZ
The Commerce Commission is aware of a mass mail out by a
business trading as Domain Names NZ, and strongly urges
caution when dealing with the organisation.

Legal action threatened against domain slammer
The Dutch hosting provider Deinternetman and its American
partner (no relation to El Reg), ponder legal
action against Domain Registry of Europe (DRoE) for sending
their customers letters urging them to renew their domain

New top-level domain goes .pro
RegistryPro is hoping doctors, lawyers and accountants will
get with its .pro program. The Atlanta-based company, which
is the official administrator of the new .pro top-level
domain, is trying to drum up business among professionals
for the new domain names. The names go online in a few
weeks, RegistryPro said.

Do Domain Names Matter? by Francis Hwang
Is it just me, or are we paying less attention to the
Domain Name System than we used to? Seems like only a few
years ago that the tech-culture world was attuned to every
new angle in the ongoing struggle over the DNS' management.
You couldn't read the front page of Slashdot without
catching one heavily commented-upon story on alternate
registries, trademark disputes, or the latest ICANN board

Do Domain Names Matter? - Part II
This is the second part of a 2-part series article arguing
that the decentralization of the Internet will allow the
DNS to recede to its earlier, uncontroversial role, before
all the lawsuits and screaming matches at ICANN board

Wide divergence in cost of domain names in Europe (reg
Registering a domain name in the EU can become an expensive
task, depending on the country where the registration takes


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