RE: [DNS] transfer question

RE: [DNS] transfer question

From: Craig Ng <Craig.Ng§>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 08:45:01 +1000
Skeeve - you're right.  But most of the time, purchasers buy the assets
of the company, rather than the company itself.  This is to ensure that
the purchasers don't inherit liabilities attached to the company, of
which the purchasers may not be aware or be able to ascertain.

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>>> skeeve&#167; 19/08/03 12:58:28 am >>>

What do you mean 'Selling the business.... Company doesn't' ?

.com/net .au domains are 'leased/whatever' by business entities...  If
you sell a business/company, the domain goes with it... It's linked to
business entity, not a person entity as far as I know.

Hence.. If you want to 'sell' a Domain name, or more politically
- pass a domain you have to another party, you are able to sell the
business name/company, and the domain name happens to go with it.


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