RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

RE: [DNS] domain names are old hat

From: Paul Foxworthy <paul§>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 12:18:29 +1000
At 06:15 PM 17/08/2003 +1000, Adrian Kinderis wrote:
>6. The website is not meant directly for you (DNS list members). The
>mere fact you are on this list indicates you have an advanced level of
>understanding. We are attempting to take domain names to a different
>audience. Therefore, we are catering for the IE browser people... how
>many people with a "limited" understanding of the internet do you think
>use "other" browsers? Don't tell me, we have done the math and it is not
>worth our time.

I assume you include all Mac users among the sophisticates who have more 
than a limited understanding of the Internet.

Adrian, nobody knows what the market share math will be next year or the 
year after. What if the audience you're not reaching rises to 20%? 30%? At 
some point, you're up for a rewrite. Following standards is insurance that 
your site will work on a wide range of browsers and the additional cost is 


Paul Foxworthy

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