RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT/Ausregistry partnership

RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT/Ausregistry partnership

From: Sean Finn <sean.finn§>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:01:27 +1000
Actually if analyze it a little,

If you click on the banner, it deprives melboune IT of the traffic, hence
taking the focus away from Melb IT, as the user clicks through to the site.

And it is my guess, that they are then educated about domain names, and
given a list of ALL the registars to chose from.

Credit where credits due, Good move ausregistry, i see this as promotion to
competition rather than plugging Melb It as the only solution.

Sean Finn.

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Hi Daniel

I think you'll find that what's happened here is purely coincidental.
IT has had an arrangement with Yahoo Australia to promote domain names which
dates back to 2001 from memory.  I presume that Ausregistry has recently
purchased banner advertising to promote their new site across the Yahoo
AU site, which is why it's appearing on that page.


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>Subject: [DNS] Melbourne IT/Ausregistry partnership
>This new webnames site you're all talking about.... forget about us
>not getting a mention. Looks like even the Registrars have been suckered!
>Check out the targeted advertising  -- looks like Ausregistry are assisting
>Melbourne IT in keeping their strong hold!!. Special favours in the hope
>that Melbourne IT don't try and grab the registry back one day?
>Go to
>Scroll down to the bottom of the page
>Heading: More Yahoo
>Sub heading: Small Business
>Click on the [domains] link and check out the Ausregistry advertising
>If you don't see it - keep refreshing, it is there. The Ausregistry banner
>advertising is across the top of a page dedicated
>Melbourne IT domain name sales. -- couldn't be more obvious.
>Go Melbourne IT!!. You guys must have friends in high places.
>Rgds, Daniel
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