RE: [DNS] More cr*p from Domain Names Australia

RE: [DNS] More cr*p from Domain Names Australia

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 10:50:12 +0800
Ron, we also just got one of these ourselves.  They (ie DNA) do a good job
of the scam. but it does say on the page that it is a solicitation.  it does
not claim to be an invoice, it just looks like one. I guess it must work for
them -  which is sad.

but what to do?  Education is what is needed.  I guess all resellers and
registrars have the education job to do with their clients.  Pity that auDA
don't do it more actively though.

Richard Keeves

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Subject: [DNS] More cr*p from Domain Names Australia

Well, it seems that our friends are still at it.  I've just had an
agitated client visit me, adament that he'd just received an invoice
from Domain Names Australia domain registration that I'd already

It turns out to be another of those $237-for-2-years specials for a .com

Does anybody know what the latest is with DNA?

Ron Stark
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