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international domain news

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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 23:17:12 +1000 (EST)
Mass mail out by Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd
On the weekend of 23 and 24 August Domain Names Australia
Pty Ltd (DNA) mailed over 400,000 letters headed ‘Domain
Name Registration’ to businesses, schools, government
agencies, non-profit organisations and individuals in
Australia offering to ‘facilitate’ a domain name
registration on their behalf.

auDA launches Trade Practices claim against Domain Names
Australia Pty Ltd and its Director, Chesley Rafferty
On 18 August 2003 auDA issued legal proceedings at the
Federal Court of Australia against Domain Names Australia
Pty Ltd (DNA) and its sole director, Chesley Paul Rafferty.
In those proceedings, auDA alleges that recent mail-outs by
DNA were misleading or deceptive, or likely to mislead or
deceive, in breach of the Trade Practices Act (TPA).

Survey of Domain Registration Services
Domain name registrars are invited to contribute data to
this project by completing a special survey.
Numerous competitive domain name registrars offer diverse
domain registration services to individuals, companies, and
organizations. This study attempts to index and analyze
their service offerings. Registrars (and other companies
providing domain name registration services, e.g.
resellers) may complete a survey of service offerings, and
results will be posted as available. Survey By: Benjamin
Edelman, Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Harvard
Law School.

NCS to Resolve Nigeria's .ng Controversy
The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has been saddled with
the responsibility of spearheading the transfer of
Nigeria's Internet nomenclature, the .ng domain, to a
representative of Internet community stakeholders in the

New Zealand registrar snapped up over Tasman
"A dingo stole my domain." So said Joy Cottle, general
manager of New Zealand internet registrar iserve, about the
$2 million sale of domain name registrar Domainz to
Australian company Melbourne IT.

Domainz sale a "win-win" situation
The sale of registrar Domainz to Australian registrar
company Melbourne IT is being lauded as a win-win situation
by those involved.

Brazil to host root name server
A replica of the F-root server will be set up in Brazil to
create more redundancy for domain name resolution in South
America, the Internet Software Consortium has announced.

Melbourne IT buys NZ domain incumbent
Melbourne IT has purchased the New Zealand incumbent domain
name registrar, Domainz, for NZ$2 million (AU$1.8 million).,2000048590,20277573,00.htm

ICANN Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference
on 19 August 2003. Directors Vint Cerf (Chair), Ivan Moura
Campos, Lyman Chapin, Mouhamet Diop, Tricia Drakes,
Masanobu Katoh, Thomas Niles, Michael D. Palage, Alejandro
Pisanty, Njeri Rionge and Paul Twomey (joining late) were
present. Board Liaisons Steve Crocker, Roberto Gaetano,
John Klensin and Francisco A. Jesus Silva also
participated. Dan Halloran, Acting Secretary was present
for the commencement of the call; Esme Smith with Jones
Day, counsel to ICANN and acting as secretary for the
meeting, was also in attendance. The Board adopted the
following resolutions:

VeriSign misses trial deadline
Domain registration giant VeriSign has missed a deadline to
ask a federal appeals court to reconsider a landmark
decision in the case, which established that
Internet domain names are subject to state property law.

Al's Story: Another Small Domain Holder Falls Victim to
Flawed ICANN Policy
Al Bode is typical of the many small, individual domain
name holders throughout the United States and the world. He
is a high school teacher of the Spanish language, not a
techie, and he registered the domain IOWAWLA.ORG to provide
an online presence for the Iowa World Language Association,
a professional association for foreign-language educators
in the US State of Iowa, of which he is a member. This
domain could in no way be considered a commercial venture.
In his own words, "I am a school teacher from Iowa whose
websites are personally funded for the express purpose of
education. There is no profit motive or even profit other
than the knowledge that others may gain from my website."

Is the Internet Dying? by Karl Auerbach
There are indications that the Internet, at least the
Internet as we know it today, is dying. I am always amazed,
and appalled, when I fire up a packet monitor and watch the
continuous flow of useless junk that arrives at my
demarcation routers' interfaces. That background traffic
has increased to the point where it makes noticeable lines
on my MRTG graphs. And I have little reason for optimism
that this increase will cease. Quite the contrary, I find
more reason to be pessimistic and believe that this
background noise will become a Niagara-like roar that
drowns the usability of the Internet. And the net has very
long memory.

The Blackout: Preventing Network Domino Effects
After a widespread blackout hit the United States and
Canada, the so-called network domino effect attracted high
public attention. Modern physicists have paid attention to
the effect of network dominos. Especially, scientists who
have studied complex systems have warned that a network
domino effect, if it occurs, will bring chaos to a society
that is well connected through the Internet. The cause of
the blackout in the United States and Canada was not traced
down quickly. But it apparently shows a typical network
domino effect.

Summit to Focus on Knowledge Sharing for IPv6 Deployment
The IPv6 Forum, the North American IPv6 Task Force, and
Charmed Technology, Inc. today announced that the U.S. IPv6
Summit 2003 will be held December 8 - 11, 2003 in
Arlington, VA, at the Doubletree Crystal City. The U.S.
IPv6 Summit 2003 will focus on deployment, technical depth
of key IPv6 features, and applications or services of
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).


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