Re: [DNS] dotau was: [DNS] ICANN demands halt to .com,.net wildcards

Re: [DNS] dotau was: [DNS] ICANN demands halt to .com,.net wildcards

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 15:43:11 +0200
Quoting Anand Kumria on Saturday October 04, 2003:
| So it seems that the list is moving off-site. I have no problem with
| that happening but I would suggest that auDA establish a 'technical'
| list that is a means to contact auDA and/or others for technical
| advice/problem solving.

My honest opinion is there is no need for a technical list. If there was
one I'd be happy to set one up alongside this one.

There is nothing really .au-specific about running DNS servers in
Australia as opposed to in another zone, and there are plenty of other
mailing lists where DNS-specific technical discussions happen (I am on a
lot of them.)

If there was a need for an Australian technical DNS discussion list it
would be obvious because of the large amount of technical discussion
would happen here. But there hasn't been to date.

I have never seen a mailing list created purely because it is a "good
idea" but with no demonstrated demand - and seen it actually become
useful. There might be some traffic for a month or so, then it will just
be another idle mailing list subscription you have to remember about.

If you're still keen and think there is something I am missing I could
set one up, try it for a while, and if it fails - switch it off.

As for moving the list's information web page "off-site", hopefully
it might stop this lingering confusion that this is meant to be a DNS
discussion forum, rather than the auDA CEO's contact address. The actual
pragmatic benefit is I will be able to keep the web archives up to date.

"a means to contact auDA" -- the means are documented at, but for your reference:

        Post:       107 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC 3053 
        Telephone:  1300 732 929 
        Facsimile:  03 9349 5711 
        Email:      info&#167;  

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