auDA AGM: Open email to auDA directors seeking election - demand class

auDA AGM: Open email to auDA directors seeking election - demand class

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:49:54 +1100
Dear Liz, Kim and Josh

There has been little recent discussion and questioning on the DNS List of
auDA Director's performance and their vision for auDA.

I have observed and appreciated the collective performance of auDA directors
(some great outcomes), but have little knowledge about individual

As a demand class member, in seeking to decide who to vote for earlier this
morning, I realised how little I knew about your performance and vision as
an auDA director.  100 word candidate statements are of limited value to me
in this regard.

Accordingly, I would appreciate it if you were to *briefly* respond to the
following questions, preferably on the DNS list:

1. What do you see as your key achievements as an auDA director, mainly
during last year or two as a director?

2. How do you see the DNS regime in Australia might be improved and over
what time frame?

3. What are you views on auDA corporate governance and risk management?

4. What percentage of auDA Board meetings did you participate in during your
last term as a director?

5. Do you support collective *and* individual performance evaluations of
auDA Directors by an independent entity?
(For example, see the works of Lyn Ralph, Phil Khoury and Alan Cameron of
Cameron Ralph Pty Ltd <>.)

Your responses will be of assistance to me - and possibly others - in
casting votes.


Ian Johnston
Australian Information Brokers
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