domain name news - 25 November

domain name news - 25 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:31:13 +1100 (EST)
Ukraine to censor net
The Ukrainian parliament passed the first reading of a bill
banning internet publication of anything that promotes
terrorism, the overthrow of the state or damages an
individual's reputation.
Meanwhile, the Hostmaster company, which was stripped of
its role overseeing Ukraine's country domain name .ua on
July 22, said it will appeal the ruling by Kiev's
arbitration court last month that greenlighted the
government decision.,7204,7912956%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Mbeki wants domain names discussed
The issue of administering Internet domain names should be
discussed at next month's world information summit in
Geneva, “otherwise the world continues to be governed by
California law”, says president Thabo Mbeki.,2172,69237,00.html

U.N. group seeks control of Internet
Governments spearheaded by China, Brazil, India, Russia and
Saudi Arabia are trying to place the Internet under the
control of the United Nations or its member governments, a
move that the United States and other developed countries
are determined to resist.
Web regulator too American, UN to hear
A rebellion is growing among developing countries against
what they see as the undue influence of the United States
on the Internet.

What is WSIS Getting At?
Attacks on ICANN are coming from several different
directions, and the list of concerns includes "cybercrime
and protection of intellectual property rights."... First,
it's not apparent to me that any government can "control"
the internet -- and it's even less likely that that control
can happen through the DNS. The most that governments will
do will be to build walls between nations, requiring their
ISPs to point only to approved sites. (China is well on its
way to doing this already.) That's not controlling the
Internet, that's creating different, national Internets.

DotPH chief, gov't agree to cooperate
THE ".ph" country domain administrator and chief executive
of DotPH, Joel Disini, has expressed his willingness to
cooperate with government to resolve long-standing and
controversial issues surrounding the country domain, a top
government official said.

Domain owner seeks to revolutionise Scottish legal system
An aggrieved domain name owner has embarked on a campaign
to revolutionise the Scottish legal system by ending the
Law Society of Scotland’s “monopoly” on legal services.

Moscow to get F-root name server
The Internet Software Consortium will install and operate a
new F-root server in Moscow in conjunction with the Moscow
Internet Exchange (MSK-IX), a media release says.

ICANN Staff Manager's Issue Report on the Need for a
Predictable Procedure for Changes in the Operation of TLD
The ICANN community, and the Internet community at large
have expressed interest in the process for consideration of
changes in the operation of a TLD registry. The opinions
expressed indicate that there be a predictable process
prior to implementation of such changes that allows for an
assessment of the potential effect on Internet operations,
with due consideration given to all relevant factors –
including the legitimate interests of the TLD operator.

WHOIS Task Force Represenatives
GNSO Constituency and ALAC Liaison Representatives

How to steal a domain name in easy stages
There is a long and nasty history of people having their
domains stolen from under their nose, thanks to the sloppy
security of the companies the domain was registered with.

Yahoo! talent joins ICANN management (reg req'd)
A former Yahoo! manager has joined the world domain name
governing body to run its technical operations arm. Offers Free Domains
Canadian Web hosting firm (
said yesterday that effective immediately, new and existing
customers would receive free domain registration and
renewals as long as they remain clients of the company.


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