domain name news - 1 December

domain name news - 1 December

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 22:05:10 +1100 (EST)
German-Speakers to Get Accented Domains
The registries that operate the internet domains for
Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein will allow
users to register addresses that include up to 92 new
non-ASCII characters, addressing limitations of the current
domain name system.

Blackouts showed Internet's weak spots
The summer's blackouts were widely thought not to have
affected the Internet, but new research has highlighted
weak spots in the infrastructure.,39020369,39118104,00.htm

One man's meat is another man's domain name
A recent WIPO UDRP case again illustrates the need for
owners of registered trade marks to maintain a portfolio of
blocking domain names, so as to prevent protesters from
registering domains close to the principal name. On the
other hand, depending on your point of view, the decision
also stands as a victory for freedom of speech.

Coke Wins in Latest CIRA Decision from
World famous beverage maker Coca-Cola succeeded in its case
against the registrant of, in the latest
decision issued under Canada's CDRP for .ca domain names.
The registrant had offered to sell the domain name to Coke
for $10,000. The decision demonstrates that famous
trademark owners can prevail against .ca domain names
through Canada's unique domain name dispute resolution

China tightens its rules on Internet address managers
China has issued stricter rules for companies that manage
Internet addresses, in a move analysts said was designed to
improve service standards as well as tighten control over
sensitive information in the burgeoning sector.

Yahoo! looking to buy Chinese web address venture
Yahoo! is close to acquiring a company that sells
Chinese-language web addresses, with a deal expected as
early as today, according to a source familiar with the

New Analysis of Domain Name Business
Numerous competitive domain name registrars offer diverse
domain registration services to individuals, companies, and
organizations. This special study attempts to index and
analyze domain name registrars' service offerings in
today's maturing market. Further more, a study has also
been undertaken offering an alternative perspective on the
domain name market share -- particular subsets of domains
in which registrar market shares are measured, providing a
basis for comparison with overall market shares. Results
vary dramatically across these subsets, with implications
on future customer retention rates of the corresponding

ICANN, WSIS and the Making of a Global Civil Society - Part
This is the first part of a two-part series interview by
Geert Lovink with Milton Mueller discussing ICANN, World
Summit on the Information Society, and the escalating
debates over Internet Governance. Geert Lovink: "Would it
make sense to analyse ICANN (and its predecessors) as a
test model for some sort of secretive 'world government'
that is run by self appointed experts? Could you explain
why governments are seen as incapable of running the
Internet? This all comes close to a conspiracy theory. I am
not at all a fan of such reductionist easy-to-understand
explanations. However, the discontent with 'global
governance' discourse is widespread and it seems that the
International Relations experts have little understanding
how the Internet is actually run. Where do you think
theorization of Internet governance should start?"

U.N. could restrict content on Internet
Groups working to maintain the structure of cyberspace said
giving the United Nations oversight of the Internet is a
frightening proposition, particularly if the world body is
pressured by some countries to regulate online content.

Report on Survey of Domain Registration Services
Numerous competitive registrars offer diverse domain
registration services to individuals, companies, and
organizations. This study attempts to index and analyze
their service offerings, facilitating analysis by other
researchers and in preparation for additional analysis by
the author.

Registrar Market Share: An Alternative Perspective
In the past, most measurements of registrar market share
have tracked overall registrar shares -- number of domains
registered by a registrar divided by number of domains
registered by all registrars. In this article, I propose
some alternatives -- particular subsets of domains in which
to measure registrar market shares, providing a basis for
comparison with overall market shares. Results vary
dramatically across these subsets, with implications on the
future customer retention rates of the corresponding

VeriSign completes Network Solutions unit sale
VeriSign has completed the sale of its domain name
registrar business to Pivotal Private Equity, freeing it up
to focus on its infrastructure services.

.uk - NTL offers customer domain name services
NTL Home is offering domain name search and registration
services to its internet customers through a deal with
domain services firm NetBenefit.

.us - Hostway Launches Pet Owner Domain Service
Hostway launched
( last Friday, a new online service
that allows Web hosting customers to register a domain name
for their pets.

.Pro domains go live on December 10
When .Pro launches on December 10, addresses in the form
"" will now be available to any registrant
satisfying the requirements for a corresponding, or Internet address. Approval for
second-level domains was granted to the .Pro registry
during the recent ICANN Board meeting in Tunisia.


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