domain name news - 3 December

domain name news - 3 December

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 22:03:57 +1100 (EST)
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.au - Domain administrator expels member over election
A member of the .au Domain Administrator has had its
membership revoked after attempting to be elected to the
auDA board of directors, prompting changes to the auDA

.uk - Domain name rush after World Cup win
England's win in the Rugby World Cup final will have plenty
of commercial ramifications - and if any of it is in
cyberspace, then a number of people are hoping they can
cash in.

Public domain
This True North isn't on the map. It's the code name of a
government computer suite being built at a secret location
somewhere within 150 kilometres of London. The site
(actually two sites, called data centre one and data centre
two, at least 16 kilometres apart for security), is
"x-listed" as part of the UK's critical national
infrastructure. If Whitehall were reduced to a radioactive
smudge, True North's disc drives would go on whirring.,3605,1093536,00.html

First IDN disputes start to emerge
The first disputes relating to Internationalised Domain
Names - ones which allow web users to register domain with
non-Latin characters - have started to emerge with Chinese
film company Golden Harvest winning a dispute over a domain
made up of the Chinese characters corresponding to its

Developing countries may challenge domain governance
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is due
to take place in Geneva on 10-12 December. While the
published statement of the secretariat indicates that it
"aims to bring together Heads of State, Executive Heads of
the United Nations agencies, non-governmental
organizations, civil society entities, industry leaders and
media representatives to foster a clear statement of
political will and concrete plan of action to shape the
future of the global information society", it appears that
a more specific plan may be tabled by some countries to
move Internet policy and governance (and particularly the
control of the Internet domain name system) from the
Californian non-profit corporation ICANN to the United

.de - Domain Names with a Local Flavor
Starting in March, Internet domain names will be able to
include words with diacritical marks such as umlauts and
accents. Proponents of the new naming standard say it will
help preserve local culture and identity.,3367,1446_A_1041860_1_A,00.html

The Colombian goverment is seeking for a new registrar for
the Colombian ccTLD .co.
The new registrar has to be a Colombian company and will
receive as payment a percentage of the earnings from the
domain name payments during five years. New policy allows
foreign companies to register their domain names as and establishes that disputes will be solved
according to UDRP. For more information please contact
El Ministerio de Comunicaciones de Colombia acaba de abrir
la convocatoria pública para la escogencia de la persona
jurídica colombiana de naturaleza privada a la cual le será
conferida la función administrativa de administración del
registro de dominios .co. Si necesitan información
adicional pueden contactarnos a

New RIS Remote Route Collector deployed at the Milan
Internet Exchange (MIX)
RRC10 is located at the Milan Internet Exchange It is the
eleventh RRC to come on line and has been operational since
November 6, 2003. RRC10 has an interface on the shared MIX
medium (both IPv4 and IPv6 VLANs) and collects routing
information from all MIX members willing to peer.


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