Re: [DNS] NetSol and AU nameservers

Re: [DNS] NetSol and AU nameservers

From: Mark Constable <markc§>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 23:16:32 +1000
On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 09:48 pm, Kim Davies wrote:
> | So any domain registry that offers nameservice for it's client is
> | actually a better option than the client hosting their own name
> | servers within their own domain ?
> |
> | So for our domain it would be better NOT to use
> | etc as our primary/secondary nameservers ?
> It is a matter of religion whether it is good or bad, but the fact is
> you will have to notify the parent zone if you renumber and use glue.

As someone else mentioned, I've been also fuzzy on glue vs a host
record for a nameserver.

Is there a technique using dig to determine if we do or do not
have a glue record in place, and whether that is something I
need to specifically deal with or not ?

> If I was running multiple zones, I'd just use the same nameservers for
> all because it makes administration easier.

Indeed, so our etc nameservers for com|net|org|biz
client domains is not an issue. Well, it can't be because we've
been doing it for years.

I did changed our nameserver IPs about 3 weeks ago and it seems
in the last 48 hours that lookups now reflect this change so I
think my actual problem is resolved... now I am more curious to
try and understand what actually happened :)

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