domain news - 23 January

domain news - 23 January

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:54:57 +1100 (EST)
Network Solutions, sued for patent
A recently formed company, Nizza Group, has filed suit
against Network Solutions Inc. and, claiming
that the domain name registrars are infringing on e-mail
and domain naming patents.,10801,89146,00.html,39024667,39117818,00.htm

Internet fool’s gold sparks Nigerian fiasco
"It seems clear to us now than ever before, that what Mrs
Odusote is interested in is to continue to hold the
government of Nigeria, and the teeming members of Nigeria's
Internet Community, to ransom on personal, selfish and
largely unjustifiable grounds, without any regards
whatsoever to the patriotic interest of Nigeria." What
ICANN head Paul Twomey made of that on 10 December 2003
when the letter from Nigeria’s minister of science and
technology, Professor Turner Isoun, landed on his desk, we
shall never know. But it was clear to everyone that
something had gone horribly wrong in the running of
Nigeria’s Internet.

.bm - Island Internet addresses overhauled
Government is overhauling the way it maintains Bermuda
Internet addresses in an effort to increase their
visibility and encourage new registrations – and ultimately
to promote the Island as an e-commerce centre.

Haiti kisses ICANN ring, rewarded with control over own
In Geneva recently, the world’s governments got together in
the first ever meeting dedicated to discussing the effect
of the Internet on the world. It very nearly fell apart
after a huge split over who should be running the Net - the
semi-autonomous private Californian company still beholden
to the US government, ICANN, or the international standards
body responsible for telecommunications across the globe,

.uk - Police warn on domain name letters
Cambridgeshire Police has issued a warning about the sales
tactics of another Cambridge-based domain name reseller.

.us - Web war over; 'cyberpirate' raises the white flag
The domain name flap between Democratic congressional
contender Joe Donnelly and political consultant T. Nicholas
Tyszka ended peaceably Friday.

Brand owners can go for .hk domain names this month
The registry that manages the .hk domain has set out a
revised timetable for the launch of the second level .hk
domain, inviting trade mark owners to step forward from
26th January and opening the domain to public registrations
on 31st May.

Korea, US Hold Most International Domains Names
Of the 380,039 multilingual, also known as
internationalized, .com and .net domain names registered,
Korea accounts for 141,447 of the them, the United States
for 84,402 and Japan for 72,193, according to research by
Webhosting.Info (, a Web hosting research
portal operated by domain registrar Directi.

Get your domain
The constraints have been taken off the .name domain and
anyone is now able to buy their own domain.

.us - Foundation wins Internet dispute
It has ruled that the Staten Island-based Joey DiPaolo AIDS
Foundation, whose Internet identity was hijacked by a porn
site back in September, has exclusive rights to the use of
its name in cyberspace.

Former Baywatch star Carmen Electra wins Internet dispute
with Alberta company
Former Baywatch star Carmen Electra has won control of the
Internet name in a ruling by a United
Nations panel, a UN spokeswoman said Thursday.

Tolkien estate wins net ruling

Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (14 January 2003)
* Task Force 2 held 12 January 2004
* Task Force 3 held 7 January 2004

Net activism and the future of domains
Opinion: Just when you thought it had all been done before
and the last great tales of Net derring-do were a thing of
the past, up pops another marvellous example of how the Web
is continually changing itself and our world.

ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Rome, Italy, 2-3 March 2004 -

Hong Kong Launches Second Level .HK Domain Names (reg
The Hong Kong Domain Name Registry ("HKDNR") has announced
that it will be launching second level domain names under
the top-level country-code domain .hk in early 2004. Second
level domain names will be generally available to the
public after a Soft Launch Period, during which priority
for second level .hk domain names will be given to
applicants that satisfy certain requirements.

Why Cyberspace Still Matters In The Post Dot Com World (reg
The past few years have spurred incredible changes and
evolution in the law of trademark infringement,
identification, and enforcement. But with the dot com
bubble deflated, if not altogether burst, is the law of
cyberspace still relevant and still evolving?

ICANN calls for redundant Internet name servers
The organization that oversees the Internet Domain Name
System wants top-level domains such as .gov and .mil to
double up on their DNS servers, placing them on different
networks and in different locations.


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