Resellers transferring domains without notice

Resellers transferring domains without notice

From: Virtual Visions <webdesign§>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 15:19:30 +1030

A few months ago I noticed that, without his knowledge or approval, a 
client's domain name had been transferred from one Registrar to 
another. Because I or my client hadn't initiated it, we assumed this 
was done by the Reseller (RegistryWeb).

Then last week when we were about to renew/transfer the domain name, 
but we couldn't because the domain name was in a "pendingTransfer" 
state.  Obviously, the Reseller (RegistryWeb) was moving it again. Then 
early yesterday that transfer finally went through now showing 
PlanetDomain as the new Registrar.

We have requested the "new" Domain Password (authorisation key as they 
call it) from PlanetDomain ... but have not yet heard from them.

This situation prompted me to check on other client's domain names that 
we had put through RegistryWeb in the past ... and they too had 
different Registrars listed from the original which was Melbourne IT.

Now, I'm concerned ... that we are going to be messed around by 
RegistryWeb so that in the end, we have no choice but to renew with 
them because we run out of time.

This has frustrated me previously with several .com domains that we 
initially registered with RegistryWeb, but have been not been able to 
get control back, no matter what we do.

Anyone care to comment or have any suggestions?  I understand from my 
investigations last year there are suppose to be new rules released 
soon governing Registrars and .com transfers.

Many thanks, Sandra
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