domain news - 9 February

domain news - 9 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 20:41:07 +1100 (EST)
Australia gets own root DNS
Australia will have its own top-level internet name server
from next week, bringing it in line with New Zealand.,7204,8564910%5E16123%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

ph: PLDT loses dispute over '' domain name
The first and longest domain and trade name dispute in the
Philippines between the country's biggest
telecommunications company and Gerry Kaimo, registered
owner of the "" domain name, ended Tuesday as the
courts decided in favor of Kaimo.

uk: Wired Sussex wins cybersquatting case
A non-profit organisation has won its dispute with
cybersquatters who just kept coming back and asking for
more - but only after it lost money.,39020651,39145299,00.htm,39024667,39118158,00.htm

The Small, But Limitless World of
Erica Wass is the editor and contributing author of the
recently published book, "Addressing the World: National
Identity and Internet Country Code Domains", (Rowman &
Littlefield, October
2003).<> This book is an
edited collection of original essays by domain name
administrators, academics, journalists and lawyers that
examine the connections between various cultures and the
use and regulation of their country code domain names. This
is the second part of a three-part series.
To read the first part of Erica Wass's report, see:

Montreal and Tunisia WHOIS Workshop Material June and
October 2003

Whois Task Force Meeting Minutes (3 February 2004)
* Task Force 1 held 20 January 2004
* Task Force 2 held 26 January 2004

ICANN and the Data Quality Act: Part I
The first part of a multi-part series report by ICANNfocus.
This part discusses the history of the data quality act.
The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) has
determined that ICANN is subject to the Data Quality Act.
Specifically, because ICANN carries out the technical
management of the internet, including the IANA function and
the implementation of new top level domains, under
agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce, ICANN's
information disseminations are "sponsored" by the
Department and thus subject to the Act.

New paper clears up confusion over Internet governance
With the express aim of clearing up the confusion over
Internet governance, ICC has written a new paper clarifying
how the internet functions, enumerating the different
technical bodies which help to run it and listing the
public policy issues it currently affects.

Issues Paper on Internet Governance Prepared by ICC’s
Commission on E-Business, IT and Telecoms
At the close of the first phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), December 2003 governments
called upon the UN Secretary General to create a
multistakeholder Working Group on Internet Governance.

Multilingual domain disputes expected to rise (reg req'd)
Movies, sports personalities and celebrities are
increasingly featuring in cybersquatting cases handled by
the World Intellectual Property Organization.

ICANN Snubs Government Agency
ICANN has snubbed a government agency with which it was
supposed to meet to discuss a decision that the U.S. Data
Quality Act applies to ICANN.

ICANN Subject to Data Quality Act
Notwithstanding CRE's trip to ICANN's headquarters in
California for a scheduled meeting, the organization
refused at the last moment to meet with CRE. ICANN, the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the
organization that is responsible for the technical
management of the internet. CRE has concluded that the Data
Quality Act applies to ICANN since the organization
performs its functions under specific agreements with the
Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA). NTIA's Data Quality
guidelines define "sponsored" dissemination of information
as "situations where the Agency has directed a third party
to distribute or release information, or where the Agency
has the authority to review and approve the information
before release."

Rick Schwartz: Domain King or Royal Pain?
Domain King or Royal Pain? Stick around long enough and you
will hear Rick Schwartz described both ways, depending on
whom you ask. There seems to be no middle ground when it
comes to the 50-year-old domain pioneer from Boca Raton,
Florida. People either love him or hate him. The only ones
still undecided are those who have never heard of him (if
you fall into that category, we urge you to consider moving
to a locale with electricity and running water).

Domain Extension Preference by Country: Poll Results
Which domain extensions do people prefer?  How do these
preferences vary by country?  This article reports the
results of a poll of domain extension preference by country
of residence conducted from May through October, 2003 by
Domain Name Journal and the DomainState forum. 
Approximately 133 people from 34 different countries
participated. This poll has limitations that we will
discuss, but it does measure the extension preferences of
domain registrants and developers in a manner that has not
been done elsewhere and it produces some interesting

MikeRoweSoft bids fail to make the grade
After excluding some bidders, Canadian teen Mike Rowe may
get only the reserve price for an eBay auction of papers
chronicling his trademark dispute with Microsoft.,39020645,39145277,00.htm,39024667,39118142,00.htm

Environmental domain names available for sale, Canada's premier online
resource for environmental professionals, has several
environment-related domain names for sale.

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