CORRECTION Re: unauthorised Domain Transfer/Renewal notice from DDNS

CORRECTION Re: unauthorised Domain Transfer/Renewal notice from DDNS

From: Sandra Caballero <webdesign§>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 14:50:13 +1030
Hi again,

I have been talking with Liz Keys of Discount Domain Name Services 
(DDNS) and have established that the phone call and fax she made to my 
client were in response to an actual "request for a domain name 

  This request did not originate from my client, or me acting on behalf 
of my client, but instead an "unknown source".

We can only assume this to be RegistryWeb, the current Reseller (?) in 
control of my client's domain name.

My apologies to Liz and DDNS re my last email to the List. I fear my 
questions asking "why" they were calling and sending forms to my client 
may have implied they were involved in wrong doing. Liz was only doing 
her job and following through on a transfer request she received.

Over this past year RegistryWeb have been moving domain names from 
Registar to Registrar without my clients even knowing.

RegistryWeb's tactics have been to keep the Domain Passwords from the 
client, to use what they call security-handles in place of the actual 
Contact Email so they can filter "transfer correspondence" and also 
move the domain name to a cheaper Registrar close to expiry.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Regards, Sandra

On Monday, February 9, 2004, at 01:34 PM, Sandra Caballero wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am writing on behalf of my client.
> He received a phone call and then a fax from Discount Domain Name 
> Services ( regarding the transfer and renewal of his 
> domain name.  The fax appears to be a Request for Confirmation email.
> Interestingly, my client had not requested to transfer, and we, who 
> maintain his Web site and look after things on his behalf, .... had 
> not requested it either.
> The letter suggests he sign the Form and post it along with his cheque 
> back to Discount Domain Name Services.
> This letter also says the domain name is with MelbourneIT ... however, 
> RegistryWeb have conveniently managed to transfer this domain (without 
> my client's knowledge) this past year,  to PlanetDomain.
> I am wondering how DDNS could even manage this transfer/renewal given 
> that they do not have the Domain Password to initiate such a transfer. 
> We have been trying to retrieve his Domain Password on behalf of our 
> client and can't get RegistryWeb or PlanetDomain to send it, so how 
> could they have it?
> Anyone have any comments or suggestions?
> Yours Sincerely, Sandra
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