domain news - 16 February

domain news - 16 February

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 20:42:24 +1100 (EST)
us: Pornography Web Site Up for Sale, the pornographic Web site that features
nubile "interns" rather than middle-aged presidents,
announced on Tuesday that its domain name is up for sale.,12271,1144957,00.html

NZ’s three aims at WSIS achieved: Cunliffe
Although the question of internet governance was somewhat
sidelined at the first episode of the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), associate IT minister David
Cunliffe has expressed qualified support for the present
ICANN structure, in the face of those at the conference who
would want it in the hands of government agencies.

Checking on .eu names: want the job?
The EURid, the consortium appointed by the EU to manage the
.eu domain, tries to keep smiling. Still, Fay Howard,
project manager of the registry, could not restrain herself
at last week's Digitial Pulse conference in Zurich, when a
representative of the German Government said there
certainly would be no Internet without Governments.

No more back-room deals for .br
There’s a new openness since the Lula government came to
power at the beginning of 2003 and began working
hand-in-hand with Brazilian civil society to change the way
the internet is being governed in Brazil. It’s been
announced that the committee which handles all
Brazilian-registered website addresses will be chosen in
public online elections. For the first time since the .br
registry was created in 1995, members of civil society will
be elected and can participate directly in the

German web host slams ex-partner NSI in domain dispute
German web host Strato is battling with its former partner,
US-based domain name registrar Network Solutions (NSI),
over 240,000 web site addresses.

CircleID Special Coverage: Enforcing Whois Accuracy
Examining the controversy over the new proposed punishment
for domain name owners that give misleading false contact
information to registrars

Using Whois to Enforce Law? By Karl Auerbach
Before starting I'd like to remind you that there are two
distinct Whois systems -- the one for IP address
delegations and one for DNS registrations. I believe that
the former is a useful system in which there are clear
utility values that outweigh the privacy costs, and in
which the person whose privacy is exposed has made a
knowing choice. I do not believe that these arguments apply
to the latter, the DNS, form of Whois.

SiteFinder vs. Engineers: Our Mistake Is Ignorance
We, as the Internet engineering community, have made a
great mistake. Actually, it wasn't even one large mistake,
but a series of small ones. Engineers are busy people, and
most of us work under the constraints of the organizational
entities we serve (be it ISPs, non-internet corporates, or
even non-profits). Few of us have time for politics; even
fewer have the desire and motivation for politics, and
those of us who do try usually end up facing a brick wall
of stubbornness, lack of understanding of the underlying
technical issues, or just a deaf ear.

ICANN and the Data Quality Act: Part II
This is the second part of a multi-part series reported by
ICANNfocus. This part discusses the congressional concerns
regarding ICANN's governance of the Internet. Since 1999
Congress has repeatedly expressed serious concerns
regarding ICANN's governance of the internet. Congress has
substantial responsibility for overseeing the key aspects
of internet governance. Among its specific
responsibilities, Congress has the duty to oversee
implementation of the Department of Commerce's Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) and contract with ICANN.

VeriSign Reconsiders Search Service
A company that plays a key role in managing the Internet's
domain system is considering whether to restart a
controversial search service that makes money off Web
users' typos, a move that threatens to reignite a debate
over who controls key segments of the Internet.

au:  Quick grab for Hookes website
Just hours after David Hookes died, a Hoppers Crossing man
tried to make money out of his name. Part-time pet tag
seller and prison officer Paul Drunmall has admitted
registering the website name and offering
it for sale for $200.,5478,8622379%255E662,00.html

us: Domain washout at Post
A crucial domain name which operated email for staff at the
Washington Post was allowed to expire, the newspaper has
admitted. The domain,, which also appears to
run the paper's business web site (rather than their news
web site which is at was offline for
some hours until the administrative error was noted, when
it was renewed.

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