RE: [DNS] Advice please

RE: [DNS] Advice please

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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:04:19 +1100
From your address it looks like you already have the domain name what is the name in question?

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Subject: [DNS] Advice please

Hello All,
I'd be grateful for some advice if someone has the time please.
We are an Australian registered company (since late 2002) and I've just
discovered that a competitor of ours in the same business but with no
business relationship is using our company name as their domain name
I've read through the rules and regs and as I see it, this is a 'no-no' Am I

More to the point, at the time the domain name was registered I would have
thought that the registrar company should have checked that this was the
situation. After all, ASIC provides such a search free of charge.

I'd be grateful for any comments or opinions as to the situation and our
next move.


Geoffrey Roberts
Sales and Marketing Manager
Mozzie Rid Pty Ltd
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