RE: [DNS] Advice please

RE: [DNS] Advice please

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:23:42 +1100
At 11:49 AM +1100 17/2/04, Discount Domain Name Services wrote:

>If you do a asic search you will see that mozzierid changed it's name to

I'm not completely stupid.

MOZZIE MAGNET PTY LIMITED is the current name of the company with
ACN 101 907 733 formerly known as MOZZIE RID PTY LIMITED.

MOZZIE RID PTY LTD is the current name of the company with
ACN 088 318 423 formerly known as LAYLEN PTY. LIMITED.

In all there are 4 entities with company/business registrations
containing the words mozzie rid.
3 for mosquito magnet.
And only 1 for mozzie magnet.

I suspect the big winners out of this will be the solicitors.

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