domain name news - 15 April

domain name news - 15 April

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:21:11 +1000 (EST)
au: Beware the domain name registration trap
Authorities around the world are taking action against two
Perth-based operators.

Dot-Mail Domain Proposed as Spam Solution
The next weapon in the war against junk e-mail could be
built into the core of the Internet's inner workings if a
group of anti-spam vigilantes gets its way.

Spamhaus ICANN Proposal Aims To Stop Spam In Its Tracks
Spamhaus, a leading spam-fighting organization, believes
its application for a .mail top-level Internet domain (TLD)
could take a big bite out of the spam that is clogging
enterprise e-mail boxes.

VeriSign in fight with Net regulator
VeriSign, which runs the master directories for ``.com''
and ``.net'' addresses, is locked in a legal battle with
the group that oversees the Internet addressing system.

ICANN asks court to reject VeriSign's case
VeriSign's case against the Internet regulator 'depends on
future contingencies', says ICANN.,39020369,39150989,00.htm

ICANN to Claim VeriSign Suit Violates Free-Speech Law
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) will file a motion Monday to block an antitrust
lawsuit filed by VeriSign Inc., contending that it violates
a California law barring suits aimed at chilling public
debate and free speech.,1759,1563615,00.asp

ph: Mr. Disini shoots for the moon
The first time it happened, it was amusing. Last February,
the administrator of the PH domain, Joel Disini, snubbed a
public hearing on proposed guidelines for the Philippine
registry. Instead of showing up to argue his case against
regulation, he sent an employee to videotape the

us: 'Cybersuit' may be first of its kind in Indiana
In what may be the first federal "cybersquatting" lawsuit
in Indiana, an Evansville Realtor is accused of pirating a
competitor's Internet domain to divert customers to her Web

uk: PC World scrapes through domain name dispute
PC World has won the transfer of the domain name – despite being accused by the dispute
resolution panel of appearing not to have read the rules
for name disputes and of putting forward only "flimsy"
evidence to support its case.

RU domain was registered on the Internet 10 years ago
Ten years ago, on April 7, 1994 the international InterNIC
organization registered the high-level RU domain. Your Right to X-Rated Sites
Do adults have a right to view material online that may be
sexually explicit, but not obscene, if that material is
also available to minors? Many people, including me, would
say yes--with qualifications. And it is precisely those
qualifications that are being debated by the U.S. Supreme
Court (news - web sites) right now.

us: Evansville real estate agents at odds over Web
The owners of one of the city's largest real estate
agencies has accused a competitor in a federal lawsuit of
pirating its Web site address to snag away customers.

at: WWW wird "ent-amerikanisiert"
Heuer sollen neun sogenannte Top-Level-Domains beschlossen
werden, darunter ".mobi" für mobile Anwendungen oder ".xxx"
für Pornographie.

Control of Internet
The internet is now managed by a non-profit American
Company named "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names &
Numbers" (ICANN) which was established by the US Department
of Commerce in 1998 to assign names to internet users. The
Internet was invented in America, partly with funding from
the American government. Initially the use internet was
limited to America hence there was no difficulty in the
American government regulating it. But now the internet has
got a global reach, though ICANN continues to be
accountable only to the US Government. For example, it made
a unilateral announcement that only five of its 18
directors would be elected from among the Internet
stakeholders. The four directors who had initially formed
the company would continue to hold office. There are no
shareholders or members of ICANN. The only court of appeal
against wrong actions of ICANN lies with the American
government or, at best, the American judiciary. Thus South
African President Thabo Mbeki said that the world community
should discuss ICANN's powers, "Otherwise the world
continues to be governed by California law." The suggestion
came soon after South Africa took legal control of its
country's domain, .za, without seeking ICANN approval. In
the same tone China had threatened some years ago that it
would set up a parallel internet system if Chinese
characters were not accepted by ICANN.

Haixin Jiang v Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. V. -
Shanghai Court Hears Appeal From WIPO Decision (reg req'd)
The case concerns a dispute of the domain name
"". The plaintiff is an individual, Haixin
Jiang ("Jiang"), from Shanghai, PRC and the defendant is
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. ("Philips"), the Dutch
consumer electronics company. Jiang sought to set aside a
decision by the World Intellectual Property Organisation
("WIPO") to transfer the disputed domain name to Philips,
which was made on 19 September 2002.

us: Your Right to X-Rated Sites
Do adults have a right to view material online that may be
sexually explicit, but not obscene, if that material is
also available to minors? Many people, including me, would
say yes--with qualifications. And it is precisely those
qualifications that are being debated by the U.S. Supreme
Court right now.,aid,115531,00.asp

Governments and governance
COMMENTARY--A United Nations task force recently held a
two-day workshop on the question of who governs the
Internet. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan challenged
those of us present to ensure that the Internet and the
World Wide Web support "the cause of human development."

ICANN Submits Ninth Status Report to the Department of
Commerce (PDF)

Fifth ICANN ASO General Assembly Meeting
Date: May 5, 2004 - 18:00 PM; During RIPE 48 Meeting;
Venue: NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands plus ASO General Assembly 2004 and Call for
Nominations for ICANN Board of Directors.

Rush For New ".USA" Domain Names? (news release)
With phenomenal interest in the new ".USA" Domain Names,
dotWORLDS ( now adds the ".US States",
and a number of other exciting TLDs to their range. The
queue has already started.

us: Online Dispute Resolution Section of ACR Presents The
2004 ODR Research Competition
The Association for Conflict Resolution Online Dispute
Resolution Section is pleased to announce the 2004 ODR
Research Competition to promote research in the area of
Online Dispute Resolution. The deadline is July 1, 2004,
and papers are to be 7-12 pages in length.

us: Keep Your Web Site Safe From Porn
We all know to pay attention to where our kids go when they
are online. But as the Internet becomes increasingly
sophisticated, it becomes harder to keep a watchful eye.

us: Realtors win fight to protect their good name (reg
...The ruling can be read on the Web by going to It's fascinating for Realtors and anyone
interested in how some words can bob along in the national
lexicon without ever being anchored in the language. Such
definitional sway is why the National Association of
Realtors fights so doggedly. Zimmerman registered 1,900
Internet domain names containing "realtor" to make money
selling them. Nobody would buy, believing -- rightly --
that the Realtors would come down on them fast.

Resultados Foro Publico LACNIC
Resultados del Foro LACNIC VI.

Memorando de Entendimiento/MoU /NRO - ICANN
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
y el NRO (Number Resource Organization) han acordado la
intención de firmar un Memorando de Entendimiento (MoU) en
el cual se detallan la manera y las condiciones bajo las
cuales el NRO actuará como el Address Supporting
Organization (ASO) de ICANN.

Asamblea General del ASO (ICANN Address Suporting
El Consejo de Direcciones (Address Council) del ASO
(Address Supporting Organization) ha anunciado la 5ta.
Asamblea General del ASO, que se llevará a cabo el
miércoles 5 de mayo de 2004 en Amsterdam, Países Bajos. La
reunión se realizará en el marco del RIPE 48, y es abierta
a todos los interesados en las actividades del ASO.

Resultados de LACNIC VI
Se han publicado las presentaciones que se han realizado
durante las conferencias de LACNIC VI y el FLIP-6.


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