domain name news - 6 May

domain name news - 6 May

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Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 22:15:52 +1000 (EST)
Public policy rules for the .eu Top Level Domain
Commission Regulation (EC) No 874/2004 of 28 April 2004
laying down public policy rules concerning the
implementation and functions of the .eu Top Level Domain
and the principles governing registration.

The complicated world of ICANN – part one
From March 2 to 6, the Council of the Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), met in Rome with
the different committees of the so-called support
organisations. It was the largest meeting to date, with
more than 600 delegates from dozens of countries, meeting
in over 27 fora.

ICANN: GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 6 May 2004

Joint ICANN/ITU ccTLD Workshop; Malaysia; 24 July 2004
Purpose: The purpose of this joint ICANN/ITU-T open
workshop is to focus on the operation of the ccTLD and to
give the opportunity for ccTLD operators and Member States
to share their experiences. this workshop will complement
the 3-4 March 2003 ITU-T Workshop on Member States'
Experiences with ccTLD.

Google Domain Names Gobbled Up
Domain names including the word “google” have been gobbled
up left and right lately by online entreprenuers, search
engine marketing types, and those looking to maybe turn a
buck, or a joke, on the Google IPO and hype. Gary Price of
ResourceShelf put together this interesting list of such
google-esque domain names.

E-mails, phone calls used to tie Al-Hussayen to Internet
terror messages
Internet registration documents were introduced Monday
tying University of Idaho graduate student Sami Omar
Al-Hussayen to a number of Web sites prosecutors claim were
part of a network promoting terrorism. But Matt Williams of
Virginia-based Network Solutions said that simply
registering a domain name for the Internet did not put that
person in control of the name.

in: HC seeks email account holder's details in spam case
In a significant order, the Delhi High Court has sought
from e-mail service provider Hotmail details of an
unidentified person and his NGO sending chain mails using
the name of TATA Group and its Chairman Ratan Tata and
claiming to be involved in treatment of cancer patients. In
an ex-parte order, the "unidentified" registrant of e-mail
account "unionagainstcancer&#167;" was restrained
from using the domain name "" claiming support
of the Tata Group in the activities of his NGO.

us: 'Squatter' holds political power
No disrespect, says Pete Lucas, a fast-talking ex-MBA
student who's "between jobs," but politicians don't
particularly thrill him. Would-be politicians may be wise,
however, to pay Lucas attention - or, as he'd prefer,
money. In this age of the Internet, Lucas owns what a lot
of them don't: their digital identities.

van dos... y que sigan sumando!!!
Hace unos días se declaro (de manera oficial) la
acreditación de la Asociación Costarricence de Derecho
Informático (ACDI) como la segunda estructura at-large
(ALS) en América Latina, conjuntamente con Alfa-Redi
conforman las dos únicas organizaciones acreditadas como
tales en LAC.

U.S. Moving Forward with ENUM 
One of the pieces of infrastructure that makes all kinds of
networks work and yet gets very little attention is the
directory. Directories are big business. For example,
there's directory of telephone numbers run by NeuStar, Inc.
NeuStar has annual revenues of $92 million. Now, according
to Light Reading, AT&T Corp. and MCI Inc., together with
unidentified cable companies, telephone companies, and ISPs
are preparing to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
that will run a process to define a new company that will
run ENUM (Electronic Number Mapping).

Africa wants support to join Information Society
World support for Africa getting its people connected to
the Information Society is a key theme at the "Advantage
Africa" telecoms forum taking place in Cairo this week. It
is a subject that has a range of players competing with
each other for the most progressive profile - and many of
them are prominent at the Egyptian event. But some of the
most relevant, such as the USA, are conspicuously absent.,2172,79112,00.html

us: MedBioWorld From Healthnostics Partners With MaxMD
Healthnostics, Inc., a healthcare information technology
development, licensing and marketing company, announced
that it has partnered with MaxMD, the exclusive provider of
.MD domain names for physicians, medical institutions and
other global healthcare organizations, to provide marketing
services for .md domain names through its MedBioWorld
Internet site division, the largest medical and bioscience
resource site on the Internet.

50 Million Web Sites Served, And Counting
Sure, the dot-com world had to shrink after the tech bubble
burst in 2000, but new numbers from online stat firm
Netcraft show that the dot-com universe is expanding again,
and quite rapidly. And that may not even be the half of it,
if similar numbers from the Internet Systems Consortium are
any indication. In its May survey of Web servers, Netcraft
said it counted http responses from 50,550,965 sites, which
marks the 16th consecutive month of growth for Web servers
by the survey.

fr: 30 domain names per second (news release)
From May 11th 2004, the French domain name space will be
much more open, with names registered on the "first come,
first served" basis. Leading European domain name registrar
INDOM has designed an ultra fast registration engine,
capable of registering 30 names a second, to help its
customers secure their valuable domain names.

NetNames Launches Internationalized Domain Name
Registration Service (news release)
NetNames, the UK's leading domain name management company,
today announced that it is to become one of the first
registrars to enable businesses to register domain names in
a host of new languages including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic
and Korean. NetNames will be offering new Internationalized
Domain Names (IDNs) allowing companies to more effectively
target foreign markets online.

New Domain Names Released, An Alternative To The Trivial
(news release)
The interest shown in the customized domain names market
just keeps on growing. With options ranging from .AMERICA
to .ZEN and beyond, there is now even an option to "Create
Your Own". Previously unheard of websites such as www., www. phonecards.usa and www. mp3.server have
been launched across the Web. A new dimension has been
added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without
restriction. This is neither ICANN (news - web sites), nor
its alternative; rather a private network that has been
opened up to the general public. With unlimited choice for
those wanting personalization and easy to remember options,
this trend has been firmly established.

Top Internet Company Expands Its Use of VeriSign Services
to Ensure Protection of Its Online Brands (news release)
VeriSign, Inc., the leading provider of critical
infrastructure services for the Internet and
telecommunications networks, today announced that eBay Inc.
has expanded its use of VeriSign Services, to secure its
high-value, branded domain names.

uk: Warning over domain-name pressure selling
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is urging small businesses
to be on their guard against “misleading” sales tactics
used by a rising number of Internet domain-name
registration agents.

us: Neiman Marcus Challenges Fund for Animals NeimanCarcass
Domain Name
Neiman Marcus recently filed a complaint to have the Fund
for Animals' ownership of the NeimanCarcass.Com/.Org/.Net
domain names stripped from the animal rights group and
handed over to Neiman Marcus.

Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".

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