domain name news - 28 May

domain name news - 28 May

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Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 20:42:10 +1000 (EST)
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Fully Arabized Internet has some way to go
Khaled Fattal, a Syrian-born businessman with U.S.
citizenship, residence in Britain and an office in
Singapore, could qualify as a citizen of the world. And as
an Arab with international connections, Fattal is
well-placed to accelerate a task which has eluded
technicians and linguists for the past decade -- enabling
Arabs unfamiliar with the Latin script to use the Internet
in Arabic alone.

nz: InternetNZ calls for submission on new 2LD process
InternetNZ is seeking public reaction to its proposed
second level domain (2LD) application process. In the past
InternetNZ has undertaken a lengthy consultation period for
new 2LDs - to date only and have passed.
Process Section for 2LD Policy
The 2LD Working Group invites comment on the process
section of the proposed new Second Level Domains policy.
This sets out details of the process followed for various
aspects of the 2LD policy, including applications for new
second level domains. The Working Group seeks comment on
the process, which can be found at: z/content/proposed_new_2LD_process.pdf

500 Google Domain Names Registered in Last Month
On May 3rd ResourceShelf’s GaryPrice posted a list of
domain names that were registered in April and included the
word Google.

ICANN grows up at last
If you wondered what the price would be for a more
professionally-run Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN), you can see it now in black-and-white

ICANN Awards Full Registrar Accreditation to Solis (Japan
Registry) (news release)
Solis Corporation (Japan Registry) ( ), the leading reseller of
Internet infrastructure products and services in Japan,
today announced that it has received full registrar
accreditation from ICANN (International Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers), a leading Internet governing
body, responsible for the Domain Name System (DNS).  Solis
is now fully accredited to directly sell gTLD domain
extensions such as .COM, .NET, and .ORG to its customers,
and more importantly, receives a major boost to its
position as a leader in Japanese Internet infrastructure.

ICANN Secretary's Notice: ASO Council's Selection of
Raimundo Beca as an ICANN Director
The Address Supporting Organization has appointed Raimundo
Beca of Chile as a Director on the ICANN Board serving in
Seat 10. His current term will commence immediately and
will continue through the new term which will end six
months following the ICANN Annual Meeting in 2006. Previous
to Mr. Beca’s appointment, the seat was held by Lyman

U.S. Federal Court Dismisses VeriSign's Anti-trust Claim
On 18 May 2004, a U.S. Federal Judge dismissed VeriSign's
anti-trust claim without prejudice. Accordingly, VeriSign
has until 7 June 2004 to file an amended complaint. A copy
of the court's order is available at

ICANN GNSO: Registry Services Flow Charts version 5
   1. Reconsideration process, version 5, 14 May 2004
   2. Quick Look Process version 5, 14 May 2004
   3. Detailed Review version 5, 14 May 2004
   4. Determine if Approval is required version 5, 14 May
   5. Independent Review Process version 5, 14 May 2004

ICANN GNSO: Draft report from the .net sub-committee in
preparation for submission to the GNSO Council

ICANN GNSO Council Subcommittee for .net Re-assignment

African Internet body holds first ever AGM
The African Network Information Centre (AfriNIC), the body
responsible for assigning IP addresses in Africa, concluded
its first policy meeting and annual general meeting in
Dakar, Senegal.,2172,80407,00.html

RP to elevate '.ph' concerns to ICANN
THE Philippine government representative to the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will
elevate concerns surrounding the administration of the
“.ph” domain to the international body once the current
administrator rejects new government guidelines.

China Finds Freedom Behind Great Firewall
Part One in a series of three articles about China's
Internet activity on the tenth anniversary of the country
going online.

Brunei Holds Domain Name Meet
Bandar Seri Begawan – Representatives from the Asia-Pacific
Telecommunity and the International Telecommunication Union
are gathering in Bandar Seri Begawan to attend a Workshop
on Electronic Numbering (ENUM) and International Domain
Names (IDN).

Netidentity Announces the Largest Collection of Email
Domain Names on the Internet; Name-Based Email Addresses
Give Consumers Control of Their Unique Internet Identity
(news release)
Netidentity, an email and web domain services company, has
impressively amassed the Internet's most comprehensive,
surname-based collection of domain names, from to


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Internet Law News (".


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