RE: [DNS] First Aid Kits Land Seller in Court (Brad Norrish)

RE: [DNS] First Aid Kits Land Seller in Court (Brad Norrish)

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 22:05:01 +1000

I do not believe my posts are "non .au rubbish", and this view is shared by
a number of people on this mailing list.

It is the type of behaviour that is of interest not the personalities.  I
have been consistent with my approach to this kind of behaviour long before
Brad Norrish and friends arrived on the scene.

It is my belief that past behaviour is usually the best predictor of future

The techniques used by Employment Protection Australia are similar to those
of Domain Names Australia, Internet Registrations Australia, UK Internet
Registry, NetRegister, Domain Names NZ, etc.

In an email to the DNS list on July 17, 2003
( you suggested that Domain Name
Australia's registration offer was " ... another poor attempt at
conning some unsuspecting recipients. Best thing we can do is let our
clients know to ignore these clowns."

If this type of behaviour is not discussed on the list, then how will you
let your " ... clients know to ignore these clowns ... " in the future?

You can't have it both ways Gary.


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Josh...this is ridiculous. Could you possibly consider creating a mailing
list on and calling it something like "The Bradley Norrish Fan
Club", and then posting all of your non .au rubbish to that for anyone who
is bored enough to subscribe? You are wasting space in my Inbox, and I
certainly hope Kim or whoever else has a hand in maintaining this list takes
some steps towards keeping it clean for relatively on-topic disucssion.


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Subject: [DNS] First Aid Kits Land Seller in Court (Brad Norrish)

First Aid Kits Land Seller in Court

" ...

Bradley Stedman Norrish of Forrest Street East Perth and sole Director of
Employment Protection Australia Pty Ltd will face 30 charges under the Fair
Trading Act, following a recent campaign of promoting first aid kits for
sale through the mail.


Once aware of this company's activities, Consumer Protection moved quickly
to intercept letters held in a PO Box ready for collection, finding 96
letters with money orders totaling $26,806 which will be returned to the


The maximum penalty under the Fair Trading Act if the matter goes to the
District Court and the defendants found guilty, is $20,000 for a person and
$100,000 for a company.

... "

I have also been told that there was a Channel Seven news story in Perth on
Bradley Norrish last Tuesday (25/5/2004) about this investigation.  The
footage allegedly included Brad trying to get away from cameras, then saying
the first aid kids come from Trafalgar.  Then the story allegedly talked
about how he is 25 and has a Ferrari, lives in a penthouse apartment in East
Perth etc, and how they'd raided a PO Box and seized about $27k worth of
cheques that were waiting in it.

Bradley Norrish, Employment Protection Australia, etc

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