domain name news - 4 June

domain name news - 4 June

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Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 23:31:14 +1000 (EST)
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ICANN considering 10 new domains
Among the list of new Web suffixes being considered by the
regulatory body are .jobs, .mobi, and .xxx,39020330,39156337,00.htm

au: ENUM trial operator sought
THE Australian Communications Authority is looking for a
trial ENUM registry operator to run a database that links
phone numbers and domain names.,4057,9714679%255E15318,00.html,7204,9714679%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,2000061791,39149331,00.htm

Tier 1 Registry Operator for the Australian ENUM Trial
The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) invites
expressions of interest from organisations experienced in
the operation of Internet domain registries, to provide the
necessary infrastructure and perform the function of Tier 1
Registry Operator for the Australian trial of ENUM.

Carrier ENUM Gains Ground
An industry is quietly forming around carriers’ use of
ENUM, a standard protocol for resolving phone numbers into
IP addresses. Originally developed to link consumers' phone
numbers to various IP services, the protocol is instead
proving useful for interconnecting carriers’ voice-over-IP
(VOIP) networks.

in: SC sets aside HC order on `siffynet' domain name usage
Satyam Infoway Ltd has got a major relief in its internet
business as the Supreme Court has set aside a Delhi High
Court order allowing another company to use a domain name
deceptively similar to its Web site

EuroDNS Automates Newly Opened French .fr Domain Name
Registration (news release)
French .fr Domain Name Registry opens up Registration

ICANN Announcement: Draft Procedure for Designating
Subsequent .net Registry Operator
The following outlines the draft procedure to be followed
for the designation of a subsequent registry operator for
.net. This procedure is being announced in accordance with
Section 5.2 of the current .net Registry Agreement and is
being posted on the ICANN website to provide an opportunity
for public comments. All substantive public comments will
be provided to the ICANN Board prior to its meeting in June
2004 as a supplement to this document, after which the
final procedure will be posted on the ICANN website.

An Economic Analysis of Domain Name Policy - Part III
"Competitive Bidding for new gTLDs" is the focus of part
three of a three-part series based on a study prepared by
Karl M. Manheim, Professor of Law at Loyola Law School and
Lawrence B. Solum, Professor of Law at University of San

When is a .ca Domain Name "Confusingly Similar? (reg req'd)
Notwithstanding the relatively small number of decisions
rendered to date under the Canadian Internet Registration
Authority ("CIRA") Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
("CDRP"), two divergent approaches have already emerged in
applying a suitable test in determining whether a disputed
.ca domain name is "confusingly similar" to a complainant’s
mark. For a complainant to succeed in a proceeding under
the CDRP, one of the three elements it must satisfy is that
the disputed .ca domain name is confusingly similar to a
mark in which the complainant has rights. A complainant
must also prove that the registrant registered the domain
name in bad faith and must provide some evidence that the
registrant has no legitimate interest therein.

Sentiro Ltd. rolls out the first worldwide commercial ENUM
service (news release)
Sentiro Ltd. announced today the availability of the first
worldwide ENUM provisioning, directory and voice service.

Legal Solution For Cybersquatting
The biggest challenge to legislation and judicial
interpretation in the last decade has been the need to
evolve, interpret and apply the law in the context of the
cyber age phenomena. Recently, the Supreme Court has passed
a detailed, informed judgement on whether internet domain
names are subject to the legal norms applicable to other
intellectual properties such as trademarks.

us: PFIR Conference Announcement: "Preventing the Internet
Meltdown"; July 2004, USA
People For Internet Responsibility (PFIR) is pleased to
announce an "emergency" conference aimed at preventing the
"meltdown" of the Internet -- the risks of imminent
disruption, degradation, unfair manipulation, and other
negative impacts on critical Internet services and systems
in ways that will have a profound impact on the Net and its
users around the world.

RegistryPro Launches .Pro Domain
Domain registrar RegistryPro (, a
subsidiary of Web hosting provider Hostway (
and operator of the .pro top-level domain, announced on
Tuesday the launch of the .pro domain, the Internet's first
top-level domain since 2002. The .pro extension is only
available to licensed doctors, lawyers and accountants who
must first submit verification of their professional status
before being able to register a .pro domain.

Swiss Domain Cruises To The Top of Our Chart After $18,000
Sale At Sedo!  
Domains with Swizterland's .ch country code extension have
appeared on our charts before but never in such a lofty
position. ("Cruises" in German) sold for
€15,000 ($18,364) at to soar all the way to #1 on's new weekly Top Ten list.

Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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