Ed Sweeney

Ed Sweeney

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Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 01:28:02 +1000
Buried in the depths of the ICANN site is a document written by Ed Sweeny of 
Totalnic. For those who can't be bothered to find it his resume reads as follows 

"Edward Sweeney. Edward is the founder and chief architect of the business and 
technical models of TotalNIC and of the .hm ccTLD registry.


Edward is well known in internet circles as a leading innovator and also a determined 
proponent of competition. Edward’s commitment to competition is long standing and 
resolute. In his relentless promotion of full and free competition and against monopoly 
exploitation, Edward has  opposed  powerful vested interests wherever necessary. 
Edward’s interest is not merely academic. All the businesses with which he has been 
asociated have had as their signature characteristic the promotion of price and 
service competition. Edward’s business philosophy is profit maximistion by volume 
and cost reduction not by price gouging. In making this philosophy the lynchpin of the 
businesses with which he has been associated, he has been a leading constraint on 
the conduct of other ccTLD administrators and ICANN registrars."

Given that he is such a keen proponent of competition and good service it is  odd that 
his company will not permit the consumer to take advantage of lower priced 
registrations and permit transfers to take place. And 'tis passing strange that such a 
technical whiz can't find a way to verify transfer requests electronically when every 
other registrar has sorted that little issue out. 

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