domain name news - 11 June

domain name news - 11 June

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InternetNZ invites applications for directorships for .NZ
InternetNZ is seeking applications for two directorships at
its subsidiary, New Zealand Domain Name Registry Ltd, which
manages the .NZ domain registrations.

Escorts now only R6 000 at ThisDay
ThisDay, South Africa's newest daily newspaper, is taking
legal action against a website owner in the United Kingdom
who it says has snatched its domain name, [WARNING: Contains explicit content].

Domain-name registration hits record high
VeriSign's latest figures indicate that more people than
ever are registering domain names - with .com leading the

au: Domain names - look at your options: NetRegistry
Australian businesses have been urged to 'shop around' when
re-registering their domain names this year.

Does ICANN's New Proposed Budget Harm Competition?
Despite the stated commitment to meeting their obligations
to the government, ICANN's proposed budget may potentially
breach the MoU. Specifically, the MoU commits ICANN to
"perform as an organization founded on the principles of
competition..." However, an alliance of at least 50
Registrars claims that the new Registrar fee structure
contained in the proposed budget would significantly harm

ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 1 Preliminary Report
Comments for the Whois Task Force 1 Preliminary Report can
be submitted to: whois-tf1-report-comments&#167; TF 1 -
Preliminary Report V2. 1.0.pdf

ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 2 Preliminary Report
Comments for the Whois Task Force 2 Preliminary Report can
be submitted to: whois-tf2-report-comments&#167; Initial

ICANN GNSO: Whois Task Force 3 Preliminary Report
Comments for the Whois Task Force 3 Preliminary Report can
be submitted to: whois-tf3-report-comments&#167;

Domain of confusion and chaos
Iraq’s media commission and the U.S led administration in
Iraq have announced plans to set up web addresses using the
domain code ‘.IQ’. The new domain name or internet country
code similar to .uk for UK, .sa for Saudi Arabia or .ae for
the United Arab Emirates.

Europe 'near agreement' on cybercrime fight
Activities such as hacking and DoS attacks could soon be
explicitly outlawed across the whole of Europe.,39020375,39156968,00.htm

The VeriSign Domain Report - June 2004
Current state of the domain name industry, including
up-to-date trends in new registrations, renewals, market
shares and growth opportunities.

Domain Name Registrant Profile - June 2004
Overview of the people and organizations who buy domains
and their interests, including geographic and demographic
overviews, penetration information and needs analysis.

EuroDNS, Europe's Leading Domain Name Registrar, Welcomes
Europe's 10 New Members
EuroDNS, Europe's leading Domain Name Registrar, provides a
one-stop shop for those wishing to register their Domain
Names across Europe, ensuring others do not take them
first. Opens Domain Marketplace
Thousands of pre-owned Domain Names Up for Auction or
Immediate Purchase.

ENom Launches Web Monitor
Domain name registrar eNom Inc. ( announced on
Monday that it had launched URL monitoring service Web

UN favours change in Internet governance
Moves are afoot at the United Nations (UN) that could
decide the way the Internet is run worldwide in the future.
The secretary of the UN's new working group on Internet
governance, Markus Kummer, made a presentation during the
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom Africa
2004 conference in Cairo earlier this month detailing its

CCK boss new ITU president
The Director General of the Communication Commission of
Kenya, Sammy Kirui has been elected President of the
Council of the International Telecommunications Union, ITU.


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