domain name news - 1 July

domain name news - 1 July

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Iraqis seek self-rule on the net
Iraq wants to claim new territory for its own,
planting its flag in cyberspace.,39024677,39121790,00.htm,39020774,39159386,00.htm

Irak: Top-Level-Domain in juristischen Fallgruben
Auch wenn die Besatzung durch die USA - zumindest auf
dem Papier - beendet ist: die Iraker können noch immer
nicht über ihre eigene Landes-TLD ".iq" verfügen.

za: Anti-gay website mysteriously vanishes
Who pulled the plug on the anti-gay website, which appears to be the
first South African website removed from the Internet
because it contained hate speech?

.NU Domain to Take Legal Action Against Secure
Computing In Connection with Its Study on Web Porn
Numbers in Secure Computing Study on Web Porn Were
Fabricated and Defame the Tiny Nation of Niue.

No nudes on .nu: official
The operators of the .nu TLD have taken mighty
exception to a recent report by Secure Computing which
claimed that the tiny sun-kissed island of Niue was
the repository for three million pages of Web

au: Porn stats make mockery of AU censorship laws
A survey by Secure Computing found that sites in the domain played host to 5.6 million separate
pages of pornography. Only Germany, with over 10
million pages, and the UK, with 8.5 million, came
higher in the list. Secure Computing derived the
figures by identifying adult pages listed in its
SmartFilter database. A surprise inclusion was the
tiny Pacific island of Niue, which came fourth and
hosted just under 3 million pages.,2000061744,39151918,00.htm

Pacific porn bonanza revealed
A global study has revealed that the Pacific region
hosts over 12 million pornographic web pages on its
countries domain names.

uk: London paper left wide-open to cybersquatters
London's newest evening newspaper appears to be have
been left vulnerable to cyber-squatters and
competitors ahead of its planned launch later this

ca: New Dot-ca Governing Body Takes Office
CIRA announces results of the 2004 Board of Directors

An Alternative to the .COM Domain?
Small countries such as Tonga, Turkmenistan and Niue
are offering an alternative to customers that have
been squeezed out of the Internet as .com domain names
have been registered.

DNS WHOIS: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
As the Internet has grown and matured, it has become
obvious to everyone involved that the DNS Whois
system, as it currently exists, is not a sustainable
way to share contact information for resolving network
problems. ICANN, in an attempt to save DNS Whois, has
plunged head long into the process of developing new
policies aimed at fixing it. While I respect all of
the hard work that has gone into this process, the
results thus far have only made it clearer that this
system faces intractable problems. ICANN should see
DNS Whois for what it is, a relic of a simpler time,
and focus instead on the IP address Whois systems,
where their efforts might reap meaningful results.

ICANN Accepting Public Comments On Whois Privacy
Decius6i5 writes "ICANN is accepting public comments
on its three whois privacy and accuracy working groups
until July 5th.

ICANN Nominating Committee Issues Formal Call for
Recommendations and Statements of Interest
The ICANN Nominating Committee invites Recommendations
and Statements of Interest from the community as it
seeks qualified candidates for the following

ICANN: Final Public Comment Period begins on Draft
Criteria for .net
The GNSO has continued the work to provide the ICANN
Board with guidance on the criteria for designating a
subsequent operator for the .net registry. The public
is invited to submit comments on the new version of
the initial draft report from the GNSO. This final
comment period is ending on July 14, 2004 at 19:00

ICANN: Final Procedure for Designating Subsequent .net
Registry Operator
The following outlines the final procedure to be
followed for the designation of a subsequent Registry
Operator for .net. This procedure is being announced
in accordance with Section 5 of the current .net
Registry Agreement.

Small businesses fuel domain name boom
When David Reich and his partners started a human
resources consulting firm, there was no doubt they'd
get their name registered and a Web site up on the

uk: Lastminute buys German namesake has acquired its German namesake group for £31m through a mixture of cash
and shares. Lastminute said the acquisition would
create the largest online travel group in Germany. The
deal includes the rights to the domain name reported pretax profits
of €2.6m last year.

Free Pre-Registration of Eu-domains (news release)
You should send now to your applications
to secure your rights at the new eu-domains. The
eu-domains will be the most important event since the
introduction of com-domains.

Finding and Securing a Domain Name
First, you've got to try to find the best name for
your business. Then it's time to protect your

10 Ways To Ruin Your Online Business with an Inferior
Domain Name. (news release)
Since every website needs a name, Dr. Steve Baba has
written a free ebook that explains how to select
domain names, which is free at Below
are the top ten most common mistakes.

Ivan Moura Campos fala sobre a Internet no Brasil.
“Internet no Brasil ainda é um fenômeno de classe alta
e média. Isso não pode continuar...”

Sobre Internet Governance - Informe
Informe sobre Internet Governance enviado por Adam
Peake (traducido por Ana Am), en relación al grupo de
trabajo sobre "Internet Governance" constituido a raíz
de la CMSI.

La paradoja francesa
Los dominios territoriales de Francia .fr, son ahora
mucho más accesibles como contrapartida a los dominios
El 11 de Mayo, el AFNIC, organismo que
regula los dominios .fr, equivalente al ESNIC español,
comenzó a aplicar las nuevas normas que regulan la
adjudicación de los dominios .fr.

LACNIC VII Invitacion/Convite
LACNIC tiene el placer de invitarles a participar del
LACNIC VII, encuentro que se llevará a cabo en San
José, Costa Rica del 26 al 29 de octubre de 2004 en el
Hotel Barceló San José Palacio

Elecciones para el Directorio de LACNIC
La Comisión Electoral de LACNIC, de acuerdo a los
estatutos y al cronograma aprobado, convoca a la
elección de candidatos para ocupar dos cargos en el
directorio de LACNIC de acuerdo a las siguientes

LACNIC Convocatoria a Elecciones en el Directorio
De acuerdo al estatuto de LACNIC, la Comisión
Electoral de LACNIC ha convocado a la elección de
candidatos para ocupar dos cargos en el directorio de

Roadmap Agreed for WSIS
The first preparatory meeting (PrepCom I) for the
Tunis phase of the World Summit on Information Society
(WSIS), held in Hammamet in Tunisia at the weekend,
has agreed on a roadmap for the Tunisian leg of the

Financing the Information Society in the South: A
Global Public Goods Perspective By Pablo Accuosto
(ITeM) and Niki Johnson, June 2004
This paper sets out to look at the question of
financing the provision of information and
communication technologies (ICTs) in the South, within
the context of the United Nations' World Summit on the
Information Society, and advocates adopting a "global
public goods" perspective on the issue. The paper
first examines how the question of ICT financing has
been debated during the WSIS preparatory process and
the first phase Summit (Geneva, December 2003).
Particular attention is paid to Senegal's proposal for
the creation of a "Digital Solidarity Fund", and the
reactions to it of the different stakeholders
governments, from both North and South, the private
sector and civil society  participating in WSIS. The
following section explores the potential for
addressing the issue of financing ICT expansion from a
global public goods (GPG) perspective. First the
authors provide an  overview of what such an approach
means in conceptual terms, looking both at general
definitions of GPGs and the applicability of the
concept to ICTs. They then review the debate that has
been taking place around the specific issue of which
existing or alternative innovative financing
mechanisms might be used for GPG provision, linking
the proposed strategies whenever possible to the ICT
sector. Finally, in the conclusions the authors offer
a concrete proposal with respect to what we consider
to be the most appropriate financing mechanism for
funding expanded ICT access in the South. APC
gratefully acknowledges the funding support of CIDA.

Tunisia Govt to Honour Biz Enterprises At WSIS
TUNISIAN government has announced a plan to honour
innovative business enterprises during the second
phase of the World Summit on Information Society
(WSIS) scheduled for November 2005.

WSIS II warm-up degenerates into human rights punch-up
The first preparatory conference (PrepCom I) for the
forthcoming second World Summit of the Information
Society (WSIS II) managed to agree a roadmap for next
year's Tunisian get-together, despite an unseemly
human rights row which held up the conference's
plenary session in Hammamet, Tunisia, for an hour on
Saturday night.

Canada at the WSIS
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is
a major UN Summit being held in two phases, under the
patronage of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, which
has brought together representatives from the highest
levels of government, the private sector, and civil
society. The first phase took place in Geneva,
Switzerland from December 10-12, 2003. The second
phase will take place in Tunis, Tunisia from November
16-18, 2005. This Web-site complements the official
WSIS Web-site by providing information on Canada's
involvement in the Summit, including our national
preparatory process.

Die Schweiz arbeitetet für die zweite Phase des
Weltgipfels WSIS
Die Schweiz wird sich während der zweiten Phase des
Weltgipfels Informationsgesellschaft (WSIS) für eine
nachhaltige Sicherung des Erfolges der ersten Phase
des WSIS 2003 in Genf einsetzen.


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