domain name news - 8 July

domain name news - 8 July

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us: Court Blocks ISP From Reclaiming IP Addresses
An initial ruling by a New Jersey state court judge in
a lawsuit filed by a Web hosting firm is causing alarm
among some Internet service providers, who fear that
the ruling will set a dangerous precedent for letting
companies retain their IP addresses even if they
switch ISPs.,10801,94301,00.html

Pacific island cashes in on .tv domain name
Two little letters bring cash, controversy to tiny,
trusting nation, but some Tuvaluans feel `ripped-off',7204,10066760%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

nu: Legal war heats up over porn claims
The domain administration for the Pacific island
nation of Niue is so incensed by a study which says
its sites are amongst the most prolific sources of
pornography online that it has threatened legal

ca: Internet Registry director fined for bogus invoice
scam (news release)
A Toronto man who targeted over 73,000 business and
non-profit organizations across Canada with a
deceptive mailout for the renewal of their Internet
domain names has been sentenced to a $40,000 fine and
a five-year prohibition order. The sentence results
from an investigation by the Competition Bureau into
Mr. Daniel Klemann and Internet Registry of Canada
(IROC) under the misleading representations provisions
of the Competition Act.

us: Kerry Team Shops for New Web Address
The newly christened Kerry-Edwards campaign is
discovering that many of the Web sites it could use
for its new identity are already taken, and some of
their owners are asking for plenty in compensation.

Dot FR is opening up this week
"The French NIC, which used to have one of the world’s
most restrictive naming policies, is finally opening

‘.IT’ TLD – becoming easier to register (from EuroDNS
The doors will  soon open on .it domains. From the end
of August, every Italian citizen over 18 will have the
 right to register an infinite number of internet 
domain names. This possibility was only open to 
registered VAT number owners  until now . The change
was recently announced by the Italian domain name
registry, located in the national research centre in
Pisa. “The registry believes the limit of a single
domain name per person  is useless” declared Franco
Denoth,  Director of this  organisation. ”It was an
obstacle which was justified to avoid confusing the
consumer.  This no longer makes any sense”.  

ICANNot Pay Those Dues
Seventy-five registrars from around the world have
banded together to protest ICANN's proposed 2004-2005
budget, which significantly raises the yearly fee for
registrars regardless of size.

CDT Associate Director Appointed to ICANN Nominating
CDT Associate Director Alan Davidson has been chosen
by ICANN's At Large Advisory Committee to serve on the
domain name group's Nominating Committee.

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda
Proposed GNSO Council Agenda Monday, July 12, 2004

ICANN Meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17 July 2004

my: ICANN meet here to iron out global Internet issues
ICANN will meet here on July 19-23 to discuss global
issues facing the Internet.

Early row signals challenges for next Net summit
Tempers flared briefly during a recent meeting
designed to define the structure of next year's
follow-up global Net summit in Tunis, Tunisia, and
what the assembly should deliver in the way of action.

InternetNZ wants Icann meeting in Wellington
InternetNZ and Wellington are making a bid to host a
meeting of world internet body Icann, scheduled for
March 2006.

U2 New Album Gets Title?
Vertigo is rumoured to be the name of U2's new album,
due in November. Apparently, three similarly named
domain names (, and have been registered on June 22.

China adopts mystery Internet Protocol
Reports from China that the country has widely adopted
a next-generation Internet protocol, called IPv9, have
raised eyebrows in the networking community. IPv9
which is "compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, has been
formally adapted and popularised into the civil and
commercial sector," the People's Daily reports.

Das chinesische IPv9: aufgeblähtes ENUM als
Eine Rückkehr zu einer rein numerischen
Internetadressierung mit 10-stelligen Adressen
anstelle der Abbildung von Namen auf IP-Nummern, das
steckt im Wesentlichen hinter dem als IPv9 titulierten
Vorschlag, der seit Anfang der Woche die Gemüter der
Netzarchitekten erregt.

Explaining China's IPv9
Recently, the news that China is adopting IPv9 is
making rounds on the Internet. While some of them
write off as an April Fool's joke (in July?) like RFC
1606, other wonders if there are more than meets its
eyes. But most of them wonders what is this IPv9 and
how does it actually works. And some of the English
translated article are so badly done that it is
impossible to get any useful technical information
except that 'It is developed and supported by Chinese

nz: Minutes of NZOC Meeting - 28 June 2004
The minutes of the NZOC meeting held on 28 June 2004
are available at

us: Honolulu Gets OK to Use Dot-Gov Suffix
Whether you're in Honolulu, N.C., Honolulu, Kan., or
Honolulu, Alaska, starting this week, the Web address
"" will take you straight to the islands.

Taller de LACNIC en Lima
Ante especialistas de los principales ISP del Perú,
German Valdez (Director de Políticas de LACNIC), hizó
una brillante exposición sobre Números IP y el RIR
Regional (LACNIC).

Comitê Gestor da Internet: resultado provisório da
Listado Preliminar de Electos durante el proceso de
elecciones del CGI-Br

Will The Internet Melt? writes "Is the internet on the verge of
a meltdown? A non-profit organization, People For
Internet Responsibility (PFIR), is concerned that
there is the risk of "imminent disruption,
degradation, unfair manipulation, and other negative
impacts on critical Internet services..." PFIR
believes that the "red flag" warning signs of a
potential meltdown include "attempts to manipulate key
network infrastructures such as the domain name
system; lawsuits over Internet regulatory issues...
ever-increasing spam, virus, and related problems..."

Appeal to ICANN Finance Committee
"ICANN released a new budget for year 2004-2005. This
budget significantly changes the funding model of
ICANN, and threatens the existence of a large number
of Registrars. This budget will also not achieve
ICANN's funding goals.

Whois: Watch out for that "White List"
ICANN's revision of its Whois policy is reaching a
critical phase. After numerous deadline extensions,
the three task forces are scheduled to submit their
final reports May 28. There is the potential for great
progress here, but there is also a strong possibility
that the whole reform effort will be undercut and
rendered meaningless by the creation of a so-called
"White List" that would give the IPR lawyers free rein
to all Whois data merely by asking for it. .ca Announces .ca Domain Name Registration
Price Reduction (news release)
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
lowered its wholesale registration price on July 1,
2004 and once again, reduced its pricing in
response, effective at 12:01 A.M. Eastern, July 1.


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