domain name news - 13 July

domain name news - 13 July

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Twomey faces ICANN cost crunch
THE Australian head of the internet's technical policy
body will face his biggest test next week when
stakeholders meet in Kuala Lumpur to thrash out the
next budget of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers.,7204,10120033%5e15302%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

auDA to review restriction on geographic names
auDA has announced it has decided to review the
current restriction on the registration of geographic
names in and, to "determine whether it
still meets the needs and expectations of the
Australian community".

au: Capital Networks Pty Ltd v .au Domain
Administration Limited
CONTRACT – respondent administrator of .au domain name
space – contract for accreditation of registrar
(applicant) in .au domain name space – scope of
respondent’s right to request information in relation
the "registrar’s business" – does right extend to
information in relation to .au domain space only or
does it extend to the registrar’s generic top level
domain space business – threat to suspend
accreditation for failure to provide information in
relation to generic top level domain space business –
appropriate use of respondent’s constitution and other
governing documents in construing the contract
I have come to the conclusion that, pursuant to the
Registrar Agreement, auDA is entitled to suspend
Capnet’s accreditation. The Code does not apply.
Accordingly, the application should be dismissed.

nz: Maori Party's domain names linked to rivals
The Maori Party may have won the byelection, but their
website could do with some tinkering.

us: Kerry-Edwards campaign in fight for namesake's
When Indiana man Kerry Edwards snagged the domain name, cyber squatting was not the first
thing on his mind.

Kerry Edwards is the name, cybersquatting is the game
A Indianapolis bail bondsman had what he calls the
"amazing foresight" on March 10, 2002, to buy the
domain name kerryed Today, he hopes to sell
the domain name, which originally set him back $25, to
the highest bidder -- ''anything other than an
[online] adult playground" -- for at least "five

us: Kerry camp balks at price of fortuitous domain
Fresh from adding Sen. John Edwards to the Democrats'
national ticket, John Kerry's campaign team reportedly
has tried but failed to obtain the Web domain when it went up for sale.

us: Kerry Edwards: I was offered $150K for my Web site is getting a lot of attention, but
you won't find any pictures of the Democratic
presidential candidate and his running mate.

.eu moves forward
The newest top level domain .eu is slowly moving
forward towards introduction sometime in late 2004. As
you can probably guess, .eu is a new top level domain
designed for use by residents and businesses in EU
member states. It will be the first domain space that
is not purely generic, like .com, and not specific to
a single country, like .uk, although to allow its
introduction the international standards body has
effectively designated it as a country - Euro-sceptics
take note!

.pro progresses
.pro was one of seven new top level domains introduced
in 2001 and was designed exclusively for use by
professionals. .pro domains were finally made
available at the start of June of this year, but are,
at this stage, somewhat restrictive in terms of
registration criteria.

Iraq domain owner convicted
The current owner of Iraq's .iq domain has been found
guilty along with his four brothers, of illegally
shipping computer parts from the US to Libya and
Syria. Bayan, Basman, Ghassan, Hazim and Ihsan Elashi
have yet to be sentenced but face 10 years apiece.

us: City claims web domain
There can be only one, and thanks to
Hawaii Rep. Ed Case, the address will finally bring
web surfers to the shores of O`ahu. The federal
General Services Administration (GSA), which manages
government Internet domain names (which end in .gov
rather than .com), had held off on assigning the address for years, citing possible
confusion with other cities named Honolulu — notably
Honolulu, Alaska. But Case, backed by a City Council
resolution authored by councilman Charles Djou, was
able to get the city's long-rebuffed request approved.

ca: Internet Registry director fined for bogus invoice
scam (news release)
A Toronto man who targeted over 73,000 business and
non-profit organizations across Canada with a
deceptive mailout for the renewal of their Internet
domain names has been sentenced to a $40,000 fine and
a five-year prohibition order. The sentence results
from an investigation by the Competition Bureau into
Mr. Daniel Klemann and Internet Registry of Canada
(IROC) under the misleading representations provisions
of the Competition Act.

nu: Legal war heats up over porn claims
The domain administration for the Pacific island
nation of Niue is so incensed by a study which says
its sites are amongst the most prolific sources of
pornography online that it has threatened legal

How the world is learning to love ICANN
In case you aren't aware, how the Internet is run and
will be run for future generations will be decided in
the next 26 months. When a three-year "memorandum of
understanding" (MoU) between the US government and the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) ends on 30 September 2006, who gets to oversee
this revolutionary medium will be decided. One way or

Comments to ICANN's Whois TF3 by Karl Auerbach
My general impression of the Task Force 3 (TF3) output
was that it was a prettified way of accusing the
community of internet users as being cheats and liars
and demanding that the costs of trademark enforcement
be offloaded from the trademark owners onto the backs
of domain name registrants and the DNS registration

ICANN Files  Motion to Dismiss VeriSign's Amended
Complaint and Renewed Motion to Strike
For complete details concerning litigation involving
ICANN, please visit:

SSAC Wildcard Report: A Report from the ICANN Security
and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) on Redirection
in the COM and NET Domains
This report by the Security and Stability Advisory
Committee (SSAC), an advisory committee to ICANN,
describes VeriSign’s actions of September-October 2003
and the technical community’s responses to those
actions and then analyzes the sequence of actions and
reactions from the perspective of security and
stability of the Internet. The Committee then presents
its findings and recommendations. The Committee’s
primary focus is not Site Finder, per se. Rather, our
focus is two-fold: that core registry operations were
modified, thereby changing existing services, and that
the change was introduced abruptly without broad
notice, testing, refinement or community agreement.

ICANN Panel Pans VeriSign Search Service (reg req'd)
A panel of experts convened by the nonprofit
organization that manages the Internet's domain-name
system today took aim at the company that controls the
popular "dot-com" and "dot-net" domains, issuing a
report concluding that a controversial search service
designed to make money off Web-browser typos is a
threat to the stability of the Internet and should
remain offline indefinitely.

ICANN Advised to Ban VeriSign's Site Finder
VeriSign Inc's controversial Site Finder service
should be blocked from ever returning, and similar
existing services should be turned off, a committee of
the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers said

ICANN Shops for Candidates
ICANN is shopping for about nine key candidates to be
part of the organisation, as it invites nominations
into four of its key bodies.

ICANN Meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The schedule and agenda for the upcoming ICANN meeting
to be held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 19-23 July has
been updated. The current meeting schedule is
available at:

ICANN Meetings in Kuala Lumpur GNSO Council Events

ICANN Dues Plan Under Fire
Seventy-five registrars from around the world have
banded together to protest the Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Number's (ICANN) proposed
2004-2005 budget, which significantly raises the
yearly fee for registrars regardless of size.

Budget woes plague Net administrator
ICANN may be able to handle the Internet's complex
address system, but crunching its own numbers may
prove an even tougher job.

VeriSign Speeds Up Domain Updates
VeriSign Inc later this year will change the way its
.com and .net registries handle updates, meaning users
will be able to change the addresses their domains
point to in "near real-time", the company said Friday.

us: Major Leagues Just Covering the Bases
As Major League Baseball's latest self-imposed
deadline for choosing a new home for the Montreal
Expos nears, anxious would-be hosts are going to
extraordinary lengths to divine the intentions of
secretive baseball executives. Yesterday,
caught their eye.

French Senate to discuss a domain names statute
Since 1998, the French NIC had a very restrictive
registration policy for the ".fr" domain, (and for the
".re" - Reunion Island - since 2001). On May 11, its
new policy went into effect, and opened the ".fr" and
".re" domains up. According to the French Nic, more
than 50,000 requests were made in the first three
weeks [a success if you look at the figures, but now
wait for the number of disputes!].

us: Vincent Hamm's connection with TotalNIC?
After a bit of sleuthing...I found this out. There is
a guy named Vincent Hamm in Colorado, UW who runs an
ISP called AimHigh. So, for all of you Americans who
have their domain names being held hostage by
TotalNIC, I would send some emails to Vincent Hamm
during his 2004 campaign for president. Here is what I

at: 350,000 Web addresses in Austria registered -
world-wide 63 million (euroDNS newsletter)
80 percent of the ".at" Domains are held by Austrian -
only 72 percent of the Web addresses world-wide
actually are actually in use. These figures where
published by the Austrian Domain registry,, and
the California Domain Registrar VeriSign. In 1997
there were 11,321 Website owners in Austria. Since
then the number grew sum 6 times up to 1999. In the
year 2000 said there were already over 150.000
registered Domains registered. In the past year this
number had doubled again to well over 310,000. The
owners of “.at” addresses come to NIC-RK-INDICATED too
"Around 80% are registered from Austrian Individuals
and Companies and nearly 13% from Germany". The
portion of German-language Domain owners is over 94%.
There was the strongest rise with the InterNet address
registrations after NIC RK statistics in the year
2000, with scarcely 90,000 new applications, in 2003
the increase was approximately 42.500. If continues
EuroDNS believes a new
world-wide domain name boom is approaching.


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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