domain name news - October 21

domain name news - October 21

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Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 17:53:16 +1000 (EST)
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The fight for your right to share
Ask the average man in the street what Wipo means to
them and most will look at you blankly. But if truth
be told the World Intellectual Property Organisation
has a profound influence on the lives of anyone who
watches TV, listens to the radio, uses the net or owns
a portable music player - pretty much all of us.

Domain profiteers snare candidates in tangled Web
Politicians are scrambling to buy up Web sites based
on any future campaigns, as cyber-squatters aim to
profit from and bully would-be candidates by holding
claims on their Internet domains.

us: No jackpot for domain-name speculators
In March, John Holohan, a self-employed 23-year-old
from Manassas, Va., registered the domain name, thinking he might capitalize
on the popularity of the Democratic front-runner, John

ICANN Whois Policies Update
According to an article in the October 15, 2004 INTA
Bulletin, several new "Policies Applicable to
ICANN-Accredited Registrars" will be implemented by
the end of 2004.

Internationalizing Top-Level Domain Names: Another
A paper by Dr. John C. Klensin, former Vice President
of Internet Architecture at AT&T, a Distinguished
Engineering Fellow at MCI WorldCom, and Principal
Research Scientist at MIT. This paper has been
reproduced with kind permission from the Internet

ICANN Establishes Africa's Regional Internet Registry
The African Network Information Center (AfriNIC),
recently announced that it has moved a step towards
it's formal recognition as an official Regional
Internet number Registry (RIR) with the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Board announcing its provisional recognition, which is
the last stage before it achieves full recognition.

Press Report on the World Telecommunication
Standardization Assembly: Main Highlights
New Study Group on next-generation networks:
Next-generation networks represent the future
evolution of current fixed and mobile networks. The
fundamental difference between NGN and today’s network
is the switch from current ‘circuit-switched’ networks
to ‘packet-based’ systems such as those using Internet
Protocol (IP). NGN is expected to give fixed line and
mobile users completely seamless communication and to
offer unrestricted access by users to different
service providers in a multi-service, multi-protocol,
multi-vendor environment. The need for global
standards for NGN is therefore critical as most
operators expect to move to an IP infrastructure.

VeriSign tries to bridge VoIP islands
VeriSign Inc will today unveil a suite of hosted
services it says will help connect voice over IP
deployments to each other over the internet, bypassing
the PSTN and helping VoIP-using organizations reduce

Universal Acceptance of all gTLD Names
Some TLD names (strings) are rejected by some service
providers or applications because the strings exceed
three characters in length (e.g. .museum or .aero) or
do not meet some other formatting criteria. To
facilitate and foster corporation among registry
operators, ISPs, and other who deal with domain names
on a regular basis, a discussion forum has been opened
on this topic

Follow-up on my note: An Open Letter to NTIA, ICANN,
and IANA by Karl Auerbach
This is a follow-up to my previous posting: An Open
Letter to NTIA, ICANN, and IANA

Multi-Million Dollar Sale Price Expected for Domain
Names (news release)
With the return of the high value domain name market
in 2004, three single word domain names have been put
up for sale. It is expected that these domains will
generate multi-million dollar sale prices. “We have
really seen the market coming back for the high
value/premium domain names for the first time since
1999 and 2000.” Said Monte Cahn, CEO of Domain
Registrar and Domain Sales & Marketing Specialist “Within the past year sold
for $5.5M, sold for $2.75 Million, and sold for $1.03 Million.”

RegisterGator.Com launches a Unique Domain and Hosting
Reseller Service.
RegisterGator.Com, a full-service provider of domain
and hosting services, today announced the launch of
The-Domain-Reseller.Com, a complete domain name
registration and hosting reseller program. Manages Continental Brand
Domain name registration and Internet services
provider announced on Monday that
Continental AG, an international automotive supplier,
has selected, to manage its entire domain
name portfolio. Through its Corporate Services
division, will help Continental manage
and secure its Web presence and protect its brands
from infringement on the Internet.

Continental AG Protects its Brands Online with (news release)
Continental AG, the international automotive supplier,
has selected, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCOM), a
leading provider of global domain name registration
and Internet services, to manage its entire domain
name portfolio. Through its Corporate Services
Division, will help Continental manage
and secure its Web presence and protect its brands
from infringement on the Internet.

Lanka to chair WSIS Expert Group Meeting
Sri Lanka was elected to chair the Expert Group
Meeting (EGM) on follow-up to the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS) at the First Regional
Conference on preparation for the second phase of the
WSIS to be held in Tunis in November 2005.


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Internet Law News (".


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