domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 17

domain name, WSIS & governance news - January 17

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Talks on ‘.ph’ domain still at stalemate
THE ADMINISTRATOR of the disputed “.ph” country code
top-level domain (ccTLD) still refuses to accede to
the terms provided by the Commission on Information
and Communications Technology (CICT) on how to manage
the domain.

Where Did the .ORG Money Go?
A friend pointed me to the latest Internet Society
budget for 2005 :- ISOC is expecting PIR (ie, .ORG) to
contribute 3.4M to the society! Wow, thats 2-3x as
much as what Internet Society gets from its
membership! I think that's pretty neat because ISOC
has been in the red for many years and could certainly
use some help financially. After all, it is hosting
IETF and also paying for the IANA registry and
RFC-Editors, all of which is critical to the Internet
standardization process.

Survey Predicts Attacks on the Network Infrastructure
Within 10 Years
Pew Internet Project has released a report called "The
Future of the Internet" based on a recently conducted
survey where 1,286 internet experts are said to have
looked at the future impact of the internet and
assessed predictions about how technology and society
will unfold. The following is and excerpt from the
report predicting at least one devastating attack will
occur in the next 10 years on the networked
information infrastructure or the United States power

ICANN Requests Public Comments on Experiences with
Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, a consensus
policy developed through the ICANN policy development
process, was finalized in July of this year and went
into effect on 12 November 2004 after a four-month
implementation phase. All ICANN-accredited registrars
and unsponsored gTLD registry operators are required
to follow this policy.

Arabic Surname Tops This Week's Sales Chart And .US
Notches It's 2nd New TLD Win in a Row
The biggest sales news this week is what you don't
see. We have often pointed out that many of the
largest domain sales are never reported due to Non
Disclosure Agreements (NDA's). This week is a good
example. We saw wire transfer documentation of a
six-figure sale of a nice .com keyword, however the
seller's contract with the buyer prohibits release of
the name. In addition, one of the major venues had a
nice $75,000 sale they could not release. As we head
into the New Year these are good reminders that the
sales that are made public represent just a sampling
of overall market activity which continues to boom.

Spammer Technique Straining Domain Name System Servers
The result of the new technique is strain on the SMTP
servers of the recipient's network, which might spend
hours searching in vain for the domain in central
Domain Name System (DNS) lookup files, eating up
enormous resources in the process. If enough of the
messages arrive to a network at once, it can cause
delays in distributing waiting messages, including
legitimate e-mail.

ICANN Says Citizen Journalism Publisher Can Keep
Domain Name
ICANN, the ruling body for Internet domain names, has
determined that does not have to
relinquish the domain to the
company that runs the weekly Iowa newspaper the
Bettendorf News, partly because the web site name is
"merely a combination of the geographically
descriptive term 'Bettendorf' and the generic term

Kenny Huang appointed to NRO Number Council
The APNIC Executive Council has appointed Kenny Huang
to be the representative of the APNIC region on the
Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council.

us: Mitigating the Risk When Selecting a New Trademark
or Domain Name (Part II) (reg req'd)
In Part I, we covered preliminary trademark searches
as a relatively inexpensive first step to obtain
clearance of a proposed trademark. If the new
trademark passes the initial screening, trademark
counsel will often recommend obtaining a more
comprehensive search report from a commercial
trademark search firm.

us: Planned Community Names: Do You Own Them or Does
The Community? (reg req'd)
Developing a planned community or resort isn’t exactly
a walk in the park. As a developer, you spend a great
deal of time, energy, and money on locating and
purchasing the right property, obtaining all the
governmental approvals, lining up financing, and
designing and planning the community.

Why Monday is the Best Day Ever to Get a Great Domain
Name? .CN IDN Chinese Domain Names are Available
Starting Monday January 17 (news release) announced today that it will offer
internationalized domain name (IDN) registration for
.the .CN Registry. "The land-rush is here—with no
strings attached. We believe registering an IDN or
multiple IDNs is a fantastic opportunity for
companies, speculators, and end users to penetrate the
Chinese market,” said Bill Mushkin, CEO of the web
address company. During the launch, each registrant
can register an unlimited number of IDN .CN domain
names at USD $34 / year per domain.

How to resolve your domain name disputes.
In November 2004, I published an article with Eric
Moran in Snippets, our firm newsletter that we send
out to clients and potential clients. The short
article discusses legal strategies for protecting your
domain name rights once you have discovered an adverse
domain name. (Click on the link to request a free copy
of the article)

Call for Nominations: CENTR Executive Committee
The CENTR Secretariat is seeking nominations for
candidates to stand for the CENTR Executive Committee
for a two year term. Three positions are due to become
vacant at our 2005 AGM in February.

How to understand the Domain Name System
Ever wonder why DNS systems came into existence?
Efficiency. Every computer has a distinct IP address,
and the Internet needed an elite method for obtaining
these addresses and for managing the system as a
whole. Enter ICANN.


IT Edge Partners Ghana On Prep WSIS Summit
Africans are gearing up for a successful hosting of
the second WSIS slated for November in the North
African country of Tunisia. In the first week of
February, (eight months before the Tunisia event) the
region preparatory WSIS meeting is to kick off from
2-4th in the serene city of Accra, Ghana.

Africans Meet in February On UN Information Summit
With the second stage of the United Nations WSIS set
to be held in November in North Africa, a three-day
African preparatory meeting next month in Ghana is to
negotiate an action plan on achieving continent-wide
distribution of communications technologies.

Africa Prepares for 2nd Phase Info Society World
Approximately 1,000 people from the private sector,
civil society, media, government and international
institutions will meet in Ghana, next month to discuss
an "Action Plan on Africa and the Knowledge Economy"
(APAKE), for expanding access to - and use of -
information and communications technologies in Africa.

Private Sector and Civil Society must assist to devise
strategies - Gizo
The Private Sector, Civil Society and the Media have
been urged to collaborate in devising national
e-strategies and creating equitable Information
Society for the nation's overall development.

Dhaka WSIS consultations
OneWorld South Asia (OWSA) co-organised a three-day
Regional ICT Policy consultation in Dhaka, Bangladesh
from January 5-7, 2005, in collaboration with
Bangladesh Friendship Education Society, (BFES) and
Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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