domain name news - Feb 3

domain name news - Feb 3

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Google gets rights as Web site registrar
Google has become accredited to register and sell Web
addresses under ICANN, the governing body of domain

Why's Google in the domain-selling biz?
Google is so ginormous these days it's hard for it to
do anything under the radar.

nz: Consultation on establishing a dispute resolution
process for the .nz domain name space
InternetNZ has previously set up a Working Group to
look at dispute resolution processes for .nz domain
names. After an evaluation of the options, including
previous reports and consultation, the Working Group’s
initial view (although not all members of the WG
necessarily share this view) is that a dispute
resolution process should be established for the .nz
domain name space.

ru: Domain names with .ru extension grow 40% in 2004
Registered domain names with the .ru extension grew
40% to 312,000 in 2004, the largest .ru domain
registrar, the Regional Net Information Center
(Ru-Center), told Interfax.

NU Domain Implements Changes to Reduce Cost and Time
News .NU Domain is among the first Country-Code
Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) to offer its registrars the
new standard Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).
The implementation of this standard provides
registrars the ability to use a single interface for
all TLD registries and streamlines integration
processes, thus reducing registrars' costs. The
Internet organization ICANN, which oversees the
Internet's domain name system, now requires all
generic top domains, such as .com, .net, .org, to
adapt to EPP.

Fashion designer, Kraft fight over website address
A court case pitting a French fashion designer against
the US company Kraft Foods started in a local suburb
Monday, with the two fighting over a French website

Future of domain names
Websites have just completed a full circle of a hard
struggle, and somehow survived where other traditional
marketing tools and old principals failed big time.
Now the same sites and domain names must face harsher
realities once again, all to ensure high visibility
and exposure they so provide. Today without
visibility, on e-commerce, websites are simply doomed.
While billions of web pages poised for the right
match, only clashing into billions of surfing
customers are simply flooding each other. Millions of
splashy logos with billions of expensive web pages are
all deeply submerged in this ocean of e-commerce.
Customers all over the world are only amused as they
watch the websites struggle to gain attention at a
zillion choices per second. Their mysterious behavior
on search engines and the role of alpha-structures of
each and every domain name is now a very big question.

African Leaders start arriving for WSIS
President Paul Kagame of Rwanda arrived in Accra on
Tuesday afternoon to participate in the World Summit
on Information Society (WSIS), which opens on
Wednesday February 2 to Thursday February 4.

ICT stakeholders to look inward for funding
THE CHAIRMAN Of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) and Information Communications
Technology (ICT), Professor Kwesi Ansu Kyeremeh has
said that there are numerous avenues to generate funds
on the regional level and even on the national level
without the support of the western world for the
development of ICT in the country. “We must look

Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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