domain name, WSIS & governance news - Feb 02

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Feb 02

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<P><B>Businesses gird for .eu address war</B><BR>
With Europe about to launch its own .eu Internet
domain extension, pundits expect a `gold rush' among
500 million candidates for the prestigious address
<BR><A HREF=""></A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>
<BR><A HREF=",7204,12394716%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15319,00.html">,7204,12394716%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15319,00.html</A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>nz: Domainz adds to profit</B><BR>
Wellington web company Domainz has turned in a solid
first year's performance under the ownership of
Australian-listed Melbourne IT, which bought the firm
from non-profit internet society, InternetNZ, for $2
million in 2003. Domainz contributed $A226,000 to
Melbourne IT's total profit of $A3.8 million in 2004.
<BR><A HREF=",2106,3201076a28,00.html">,2106,3201076a28,00.html</A>

<P><B>ph: CICT expects a new ‘.ph’ administrator
before year’s end</B><BR>
THE PHILIPPINES will have a new “.ph” Internet domain
administrator before the end of 2005, the Commission
on Information and Communications Technology (CICT)
told last week.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>ICANN Still Steal Your Domain</B><BR>
Opinion: Now that we know more about what happened in
the theft of the domain, there's no cause
for relaxation. You can all be alarmed now.
<BR><A HREF=",1759,1770375,00.asp">,1759,1770375,00.asp</A>

<P><B>ICANN Statement on IDN Homograph Attacks and
Request for Public Comment</B><BR>
ICANN is aware of the recent publicity regarding the
vulnerability of certain web browsers to URI and
domain name spoofing that relies on the use of
Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) resolution.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

(news release)</B><BR>
The WIPO continued its efforts to combat the abusive
registration of trademarks as domain names, or
cybersquatting, in 2004, when it received 1,179 cases,
or a 6.6% increase, over the number received the
previous year. WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center
has handled a total of over 7,000 disputes, involving
parties from 124 countries and covering over 12,500
domain names since the Uniform Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy (UDRP) – a quick and cost effective
dispute resolution procedure – went into effect in
December 1999.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>nz: Implementation of ENUM</B><BR>
The implementation of ENUM, the convergence of
telephone numbering and internet domain naming, is
progressing around the world. InternetNZ is keen to
see ENUM operating in New Zealand and has formed a
steering group to ensure that happens. The group has
to date:
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>us: Talon News shuts down - Domain names for
porn sites tied to reporter now up for sale</B><BR>
Talon News, the website at the center of a scandal
linking one of its reporters to the White House, has
temporarily shut down its online operations, while
explicit Internet domain names allegedly used by its
reporter are now up for sale.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Google, Inc. v. Mohammad Jabbari
Respondent has not offered any explanation for his
registration of the disputed domain name except that
he wished to hold the domain name, without using it.
Despite Respondent’s assertion, Complainant has
documented that the domain name at issue has indeed
been used in relation to activities that in the
opinion of the Panel falls in under more than one of
the exemplifications of activities indicating bad
faith use, set out in the IRDRP Section 4(b) during
the time it has been registered with the Respondent.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Domain hijack probe yet to release findings (reg
Forty days have elapsed since the domain name of
Panix, a longtime ISP in New York, was hijacked from
the registrar Dotster and ended up at Melbourne IT.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Domain Hijacking Story Still Unresolved</B><BR>
According to reports, an investigation into the
hijacking of the domain name of New York-based ISP
Panix (, launched on January 18 by the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(, has yet to make its findings public.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>AfriNIC Transition Moves to Phase 2</B><BR>
With NRO support, and in anticipation of ICANN´s final
recognition of the African Network Information Center
(AfriNIC) as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) in
April 2005, AfriNIC has begun operating as a fully
functional RIR. The three RIRs previously serving the
AfriNIC region (APNIC, ARIN, and the RIPE NCC)
transferred all RIR services to AfriNIC on 21 February
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting March 2005</B><BR>
The RIPE NCC is holding a Roundtable Meeting for
Governments and Regulators on Wednesday, 30 March 2005
in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>AfriNIC Transition Completed (news
AfriNIC is the emerging Regional Internet Registry
(RIR) for the African and Indian Ocean region.
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<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>.In registration is about getting the name of
your choice</B><BR>
Domain is a friendly name of a network address for a
server or a website. If we all had to remember the
network address numbers for our favourite sites, it
would be a nightmare. So the DNS (Domain Naming
Service) was devised. Domains are categorized by their
different extensions.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>.IN is the in-thing in webworld now</B><BR>
Ever since the real time launch of .IN domain names in
cyberworld on 16 February by the National Internet
Exchange of India (NIXI) the registrations have
already crossed 75,000 numbers and many Indians across
the world have evinced interest to acquire .IN names
for their internet addresses.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>DNSMON to Become Production Level Service from
March 2005 (news release)</B><BR>
The RIPE NCC DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON) provides
a comprehensive, objective and up-to-date overview of
the quality of the service offered by high-level
Domain Name System (DNS) servers. It is an active
measurement service.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>GNSO Council Election for ICANN Board seat
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

Members of the APTLD, meeting in Kyoto, Japan on Feb
20-22, have reviewed the draft Strategic Plan,
released for public comment by ICANN.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>CENTR Comments on ICANN Strategic Plan</B><BR>
The Council of European National Top Level Domain
Registries, CENTR, wishes to take the opportunity to
comment on the ICANN Strategic Plan 2003-4 to 2006-7.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Cybersquatting cases increase again (reg
The World Intellectual Property Organization is
becoming an increasingly popular forum to settle
domain name infringement disputes, with cybersquatting
cases continuing to rise
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>us: Domain Name Conference Launches in Seattle -
May 2005</B><BR>
The world's brightest domain name owners will gain
valuable insight at the Domain Roundtable Conference.
We will bring together the Domain Name community of:
Domain Entrepreneurs, Technical Administrators, Domain
Registrars and Resellers, Affiliate Program Managers,
Industry Insiders, Search Engine Operators,
Intellectual Property Community, Domain Brand
Portfolio Managers, Press and Media.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>"Domain pulse" 2005 Deals with Internet
Governance, ENUM and Spam (news release)</B><BR>
Following the invitation from the Austrian registry,, experts from several countries and various
disciplines attended the "Domain pulse" conference
held on 3 and 4 February 2005 in Vienna to discuss
various themes and trends concerning the Internet.
Once again this year, the event was co-hosted by two
other domain administrations, DENIC (Germany) and
SWITCH (Switzerland/Liechtenstein), who were pleased
with the turn-out of more than 150 specialists,
including, once again, numerous Internet providers.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Search-Optimized Domain Portfolio Sells for $164
Internet marketing firm Marchex Inc. has finalized a
deal to pay a whopping $164.2 million for Name
Development Ltd., which displays keyword advertising
across a portfolio of more than 100,000 domains. The
deal, along with the recent sale of a misspelled
domain name for $112,000, offers evidence that
mistyped URLs and other "accidental traffic" have
become big business.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Mozilla Warns of Firefox Security Holes</B><BR>
Foundation releases an updated browser that includes
fixes to many flaws. ... One of the changes made in
Firefox 1.0.1 is in the way the browser handles
international domain names (IDNs).
<BR><A HREF=",aid,119833,00.asp">,aid,119833,00.asp</A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Domain Name Hijackings and Domain Theft the
Topic at Traffic West in Las Vegas in May (news
Domain Hijackings are occurring at record levels and
registrars are doing little to prevent this illegal
activity, TRAFFIC WEST will be held in Las Vegas from
May 24th to the 27th at the Venetian and will focus
solely on the widening problem.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>ISO Fails to Obtain Transfer of ISO 9000
A three-member World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) panel, has refused to transfer
four domain names that include the phrase 'ISO9000' to
ISO, in the International Organization for
Standardization v AQI case.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>.CN domain name registration fees drop</B><BR>
.CN ccTLD logoAfter last week's Chinese Domain Name
Registrar Conference held in Kunming by the China
Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), many
domain sellers have dropped their prices for .CN
domains by as much as 40%.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

Second Meeting of WGIG - 14-18 February 2005 </B><BR>
The Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) held
its second meeting at the United Nations in Geneva
from 14 to 18 February 2005. The Meeting included a
round of consultations open to all stakeholders on
15-16 February.  The Chairman of the WGIG, Mr Nitin
Desai, transmitted a Preliminary Report to the
President of the WSIS Preparatory Committee,
Ambassador Janis Karklins, and ITU Secretary-General
Yoshio Utsumi in his capacity as WSIS
Secretary-General. The report will be discussed by the
Preparatory Committee on 24 February 2005. See below
for the report:
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>UNDP-APDIP announcing major regional survey on
Internet governance</B><BR>
Priorities: All stakeholder groups are encouraged to
participate, the online questionnaire is available in
twelve languages: take a few minutes to register your
views and support the survey outreach.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Call for Comments on the WGIG Draft Working
The WSIS requested the United Nations
Secretary-General to establish a WGIG.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>RIPE Special Edition on the World Summit on the
Information Society and “Internet Governance”</B><BR>
This special edition of the Member Update is devoted
to the ongoing “Internet governance” debate. It has
been several years since the discussion of different
models of “Internet governance” began and this
discussion has gained momentum during the course of
the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It
is difficult for the Internet community to be directly
involved in this, as the main participants in the WSIS
are governments and governmental organisations like
the ITU.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Comments to WGIG on Draft Working Papers
Identifying Issues for Internet Governance</B><BR>
Draft WGIG Issue Paper on the Administration of
Internet Names and IP Addresses
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>WGIG submits preliminary report on internet
The Preliminary Report of the Working Group on
Internet Governance (WGIG) serves as the consultation
document for the open Internet governance consultation
at the Preparatory Committee meeting on 24 February
2005 in Geneva.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Internet Governance: Analogue Solutions to
Digital Problems</B><BR>
This is an overview of the booklet, "Internet
Governance: Issues, Actors and Divides," recently
published by DiploFoundation and the Global Knowledge
Partnership. "Internet Governance is not a simple
subject. Although it deals with a major symbol of the
DIGITAL world, it cannot be handled with a digital -
binary logic of true/false and good/bad. Instead, the
subject's many subtleties and shades of meaning and
perception require an ANALOGUE approach, covering a
continuum of options and compromises." Update: This
article was reposted with additional information and a
new title.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Group agrees on voluntary digital solidarity
Negotiators at a meeting in Geneva last week appear to
have defused one of the contentious issues looming
over the second phase of the WSIS later this year.
They agreed to make contributions to a "digital
solidarity fund" voluntary and not mandatory as
demanded by a number of developing countries at the
first phase of the summit in 2003.
<BR><A HREF=";462951542">;462951542</A>

<P><B>Net tug-of-war to end?</B><BR>
A UN-sponsored panel aims to settle a long-running tug
of war for control of the Internet by July and propose
solutions to problems such as cyber crime and e-mail
<BR><A HREF=",4136,83727-1,00.html,4136,83727-1,00.html</A>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>UN edges closer to "internet governance"</B><BR>
The United Nations came fractionally closer to
defining "internet governance" this week, publishing
documents it says highlight the strengths and
weaknesses of the current meshwork of internet
management groups.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>WSIS - Paving the Way to Democratic
Will history recognise the WSIS process as the first
step in creating an entirely new model of
international negotiation? One of many who believe so
is Professor Wolfgang Kleinwächter of Aarhus
University in Denmark.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>
<BR><A HREF=",2172,98718,00.html">,2172,98718,00.html</A>

<P><B>Israeli Prime Minister Invited to Tunis Summit
On World Information Society</B><BR>
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been invited
to attend the WSIS, said today Tunisian official news
agency Tunis Afrique Presse.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Criticism of Government Not Allowed At UN
The Secretariat of the WSIS will not allow civil
society to distribute a report at the PrepCom 2
meeting currently taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Gender Issues Sidelined At WSIS</B><BR>
Gender activists at the preparatory conference for the
Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information
society (WSIS) are bitterly disappointed because their
recommendations being ignored.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>ITU Raises N295,448,660b for WSIS-05</B><BR>
INTERNATIONAL Telecommunication Union (ITU) has
confirmed the raising of over CHF 2.7 million, about
N295.448,660 billion for the second phase of the WSIS.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Freedom of Expression Under Siege in
If the Tunisian government is to host, peacefully and
successfully, the second and final phase of the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in November
2005, it will have to beef up efforts to improve its
poor human rights record.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Tunis ‘Summit of Solutions’ Takes Shape at
Second Preparatory Meeting (WSIS News Release)</B><BR>
The second Preparatory Meeting (PrepCom 2) of the
Tunis phase of the WSIS finished its work with
agreement on what substantive issues need to be
negotiated for the output of the Tunis phase of WSIS.
PrepCom-2 also agreed on the financial mechanisms — a
critical component of the Tunis output to support ICT
development and the WSIS goals outlined in the Plan of
Action adopted by 175 countries at Geneva Phase of the
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Over CHF 1.3 million in new WSIS contributions
confirmed (WSIS News Release)</B><BR>
ITU Secretary-General, Yoshio Utsumi confirmed that
the WSIS-2005 Fundraising Campaign has brought in more
than CHF 1.3 million in new financial contributions to
fund core preparatory activities of the Tunis phase.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Working Group on Internet Governance to discuss
policy issues and priorities, Internet security,
access for all (UN Press Release)</B><BR>
The WGIG will meet at the United Nations Office at
Geneva from 14 to 16 February to discuss issues such
as domain names administration and Internet Protocol
(IP) addresses, administration of the Internet Root
Server system, telecommunications infrastructure,
broadband access, and competition policy,
liberalization, privatization and regulations.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>Second Preparatory Committee Meeting for WSIS
Tunis Phase (WSIS Information Note)</B><BR>
The second Preparatory Committee Meeting (PrepCom-2)
of the Tunis Phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS) will be held in Geneva,
Switzerland, 17-25 February 2005. The meeting will
focus on preparations for the Summit that will take
place in Tunis, Tunisia, 16-18 November 2005. It will
also evaluate progress made on the WSIS Plan of
Action, which was agreed to by 175 countries in Geneva
in December 2003.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>PrepCom2 ends with long “to do” list</B><BR>
The WSIS PrepCom ended this evening after some
wrestling over the work between now and PrepCom3 in
September. Civil Society groups at their last meeting
discussed the state of the whole process and agreed
that the vision has been lost somewhere, but that the
road to actually changing reality is also very long.
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>PrepCom debate on Internet Governance</B><BR>
Today the focus of PrepCom debates moved from finance
to internet governance. Markus Kummer presented the
preliminary report of the Working Group on Internet
Governance (WGIG), and many government delegates took
the opportunity to comment on the report, uncovering
some of the deep lines of conflict from the first WSIS
phase. The final report will be presented in mid-July
and will be thoroughly discussed at PrepCom3 in
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>For more stories throughout February from the
World Summit 2005 site, see:</B><BR>
<BR><A HREF=""></A>

<P><B>India pushes for changes in Net
India will push for dilution of control of
US-supported ICANN over global Internet governance. It
will also suggest setting up an inter-government
organisation to co-ordinate issues related to Internet
and IP-based services at the UN-sponsored Working
Group on Internet Governance meeting to be held in
Geneva between February 14 and 16. (see page 6)
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Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.<P>


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