domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 10

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 10

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 22:27:34 +1100 (EST)
Aust domain administrator warns against .biz scam
The administrator of .au domain names is warning
Australian businesses to be wary of an organisation it
believes is falsely positioning itself as the global
domain name administrator.,2000061744,39183737,00.htm

auDA Consumer Alert - auDA warms Australian businesses
to be wary of American domain name organisation

au: Warnings over new domain offer
AUSTRALIAN .au domain controller auDA has posted a new
warning about potentially misleading letters and faxes
touting domain name services in what appears to be a
re-run of the 2003 Domain Names Australia case.,7204,12431555%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

nz: New I-Root Server Supports Internet in New Zealand
CityLink has today announced that a second Internet
Root Server Mirror has been established in New
Zealand. This morning, an anycast mirror of the I-Root
server went live at the Wellington Internet Exchange

nz: ENUM Expression of Interest
The implementation of ENUM, the convergence of
telephone numbering and internet domain naming, is
progressing around the world. InternetNZ is keen to
see ENUM operating in New Zealand and has formed a
steering group to ensure that happens.

us: Domain Owners Lose Privacy 
The U.S. Commerce Department has ordered companies
that administer internet addresses to stop allowing
customers to register .us domain names anonymously
using proxy services.,1848,66787,00.html

us: Go Daddy slams US on domain privacy
Go Daddy Software this week slammed the US Department
of Commerce for "trampling the right to privacy" by
closing down anonymous registrations in the .us

ph: CICT chief wonders why Disini is after him
VIRGILIO Peņa, chairman of the Commission on
Information and Communications Technology (CICT),
wonders why Joel Disini, embattled administrator of
the .ph Internet domain, is now after him.
Open letters to Chairman Virgilio Peņa (referred to in
the above story)

The government, in its benevolence, has ensured us an
exotic life. Art inspiring poverty, grass-eating
tribals, and withdrawal tax. In return, the government
wants Indians to flaunt their nationality proudly on
the net.

Domain system opens door to scams
A system to make it easier to create website addresses
using alphabets like Cyrillic could open a back door
for scammers, a trade body has warned.

Possible Domain Poisoning Underway
Security experts late Friday warned that a DNS cache
poisoning attack may be underway and redirecting users
from some of the most popular Web sites to a malicious
URL where spyware and adware is invisibly installed
onto their computers.

jp: JPRS Submitted Comment on ICANN Strategic Plan
On 28 February 2005, JPRS submitted its comment on
draft "ICANN Strategic Plan 2003-04 to 2006-07."

jp: Cumulative Number of Registered General-Use JP
Domain Names Exceeds 330,000, Surpassing
Organizational/Geographic Type JP Domain Names (news
Japan Registry Services announced that the accumulated
total of registered General-use JP domain names
("EXAMPLE.JP") as of February 1, 2005 had reached
338,865. It also announced that this number surpassed
the cumulative sum of Organizational/Geographic Type
JP domain names ("EXAMPLE.CO.JP") registration,
totaling 328,716, for the first time since the start
of the registration service of General-use JP Domain
Name Registration in February, 2001.

jp: JPRS Makes JP Domain Name Management and
Administration Compliant with the Personal Information
Protection Act from April 1
On February 1, JPRS announced that it would reflect
the requirements of the Personal Information
Protection Act ("Act") in the JP domain name
management and administration services from April 1st
of 2005.

EU businesses gird for .eu domain war (reg req'd)
Europe is about to become an internet fixture with the
launch of its own extension - the .eu domain - and
businesses are girding for the battle to bear the
precious two letters.

Getting the net off the ground
The co-inventor of the net, Robert Kahn, tells Click
Online about the birth of the internet.

Network Solutions Enters Hosting With Free Domain
In a break with past practice, Network Solutions this
week began offering free domain names to web hosting
customers, a sign of the growing importance of shared
hosting in the company's small business strategy. "We
are using a free domain as a marketing device," said
Champ Mitchell, chairman and CEO of Network Solutions.
"That's new for us, and this is a big change for
Network Solutions."

VeriSign Digital Branding Bulletin (Jan/Feb 05)
From the latest Digital Branding Bulletin: American
Samoa (.AS) Registry Now Offering IDNs, euLevel
Launches Chinese IDNs; .CN Provincial Extensions Now
Available, Hungarian Registry (.HU) to Change
Registration Requirements, Arbitration Rules, Sunrise
for Indian (.IN) Domain Names Closed; Orders Being
Taken for Live Launch, MaxMD Offers More than Domain
Names for Healthcare Pros, Portuguese (.PT) Registry
Launches IDNs, Russian Registry (.RU) Moves to
Registrar System, Slovenia (.SI) to Loosen Domain Name
Registration Requirements, Vietnamese Priority
Pre-Registration Period Extended to Feb. 25; Public
Sunrise Mar. 15 - Apr. 30; Public Launch Begins May 1.
For more on these stories see:

March 2005 Web Server Survey Finds 60 Million Sites
We now find more than 60 million web sites on the
Internet, as the March 2005 survey received http
responses from 60,442,655 sites.

za: Stolen Domain Name? Complain! (reg req'd)
The task of enforcing the law rests in the State. Even
private arbitration awards are enforceable only by way
of a court order. Conversely, the procedure for
resolving domain name registration disputes does not
involve the State. Everything, from registration of
the domain to the resolution of disputes, is managed
privately. There is no reliance on clumsy state
machinery to control the process. As a result, domain
registration disputes are resolved effectively and

A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies
The bodies responsible for the Internet's protocols
and parameters can be said to steer the Internet in a
significant sense. This document, by Alex Simonelis of
Dawson College in Montreal, is a summary of those
bodies and their most important characteristics.

In Celebration of Engineers Week, Domain Name
Launches for Engineers Only: Engineers. We Built It,
It’s Our Domain. (news release)
In acknowledgement of Engineers Week (Feb. 20-26)
across the U.S., RegistryPro today announces the
upcoming launch of the domain name.

us: Go Daddy's Super Bowl Ad Receives Unprecedented
Publicity announced today that its first-ever Super
Bowl advertisement was a resounding success, as
measured by independent third parties.

Censorship Tightened in WSIS Host Country (news
On 1 March 2005, Tunisia, host of the November 2005
World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS),
blocked access to the opposition Progressive
Democratic Party (PDP) website. The move places the
PDP site on a long list of filtered sites, including, the website set up by
RSF to report on the summit.

WSIS host tightens internet censorship
Eight months before the World Summit on the
Information Society is held in Tunis, the government
has blocked access to the opposition Progressive
Democratic Party (PDP)’s website.

Tunisian police block anti-Sharon protest in Tunis
Hundreds of police roamed the main streets of Tunis on
Friday to prevent demonstrators from protesting a
government invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon to attend a summit this year, eyewitnesses
said. The North African country's leading opposition
parties vowed to stop Sharon from becoming the first
Israeli leader to visit Tunisia in 57 years for a
U.N.-backed WSIS in Tunis in November.

The WGIG met in Geneva from the 14th to the 18th of
February. The schedule was as follows:

World Summit on the Information Society: A very long
From 17 to 25 February 2005, the WSIS second
Preparatory Committee meeting for the second phase,
known as PrepCom 2, took place in Geneva. The February
meeting addressed three issues: financing mechanisms,
internet governance and the Political Chapeau and
operational part (in short, a reaffirmation of the
Geneva Declaration and a plan of implementation of the
Geneva Action Plan). This is an overview of the WSIS
process from 2003 until February’s PrepCom 2 from the
APC, summarising the issues at stake.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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