domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 10

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 10

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au: Government calls domain tender
The federal government has released a tender for the
provision of registration services for the

au: Melbourne IT expects a strong year
Internet domain name and web solutions provider
Melbourne IT said 2005 was shaping as a strong year
with expectations it would outdo the past 12 months.

.au domain prices drop as war begins
Australia domain prices have hit an all time low as
domain registrars compete for a greater market share.,39023166,39184033,00.htm

uk: MP pitches Denial of Service law to Parliament
Derek Wyatt MP has 10 minutes to try to persuade
Parliament next month that the country's 15-year-old
Computer Misuse Act needs updating, to increase
penalties for hackers and to criminalise denial of
service attacks.

uk: Willie Black enters Nominet advisory board
It seems that UK registry Nominet really can't do
without its ex-chairman Willie Black.

ICANN takes site finder countermeasures in .net
The ICANN may allow VeriSign to run the .net domain
name registry for another five years, or it may not,
but the organization will take measures to limit the
possibility of another costly VeriSign lawsuit.

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
On 3 September 2004 the ASO Address Council forwarded
a new IPv4 policy concerning IANA allocations of IPv4
address to Regional Internet number Registries to the
ICANN board for action, affirming that the policy had
been approved in accordance with the four RIR's local
policy development processes.

Update Regarding .NET Selection Process
ICANN posts a status update and next steps in the .NET
registry operator selection process. Also posted: the
draft .NET Registry Agreement.

CIRA Says .CA Registry Growing Fast
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (
announced this week that the 500,000th .ca domain name
has been registered. The CIRA says the domain name is
stronger than ever since the company began
administering the then-60,000-strong registry in
December 2000.

CONTENT (sub req'd)
BNA's Electronic Commerce & Law Report reports that a
German court has ruled that an individual listed in a
domain name registration record as the administrative
contact person may be held liable for Web site content
that violates competition law. The court reasoned
that, in the event that a Web site was in violation of
competition law, the administrative contact was
playing a contributory role.

URLs: Ontologically Speaking
I was reading David Weinberger's reports on how the
New York Times is planning on tackling its "link rot"
problem where articles slip behind the pay-wall. Part
of their solution appears to be to replace articles
with their summaries. As usual, this got me thinking
about telephony. Why don't phone calls and callers
have URIs or URLs? ...Let's take addressing the
endpoints first. Obviously, ENUM is one way of
"Internetising" the phone number address space.

uk: Nominet wins damages from Peter Francis-Macrae,
Ultra Technologies Ltd
Nominet UK, the .uk Internet domain name registry, has
won its case against Peter Francis-Macrae and Ultra
Technologies Ltd, a company of which Mr Francis-Macrae
is the sole director. Francis-Macrae was ordered to
pay Nominet costs of 81,000, with damages to be
determined at a later date.

Huge Domain Industry Conference in Seattle, Washington
in May 2005 (news release)
From the innovators of the popular domain
search technology, comes a domain name industry event
like no other.

Preparation for the Tunis phase of WSIS starts with
violence and arrests
With a few months to go before Tunisia hosts the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the country
has been rocked by escalating violence, intimidation
and arrests of peaceful demonstrators. The
demonstrations follow the news that Israeli prime
minister, Ariel Sharon, has been invited by the Tunis
government to attend the meeting. Several
demonstrations took place in various parts of the
country to protest against this decision.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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