domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 17

domain name, WSIS & governance news - Mar 17

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Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:43:31 +1100 (EST)
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Australian domain policy faces radical shakeup
The .au domain administration body (auDA) said last
night it planned to sell off previously-prohibited
geographically-based domain names in the and spaces in AU$500 bundles, as well as
implementing a host of other significant changes.,2000061791,39184792,00.htm

uk: Owner Ordered to Give Up Domain,
Considers Appeal
The owner of the domain is considering an
appeal to Britain's High Court after Nominet, the UK
Internet registry, ordered him to give up the address
to Apple.,7204,12538399%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

au: ICANN review blames Melb IT for hijack
Domain name arbiter ICANN has placed the blame for the
domain hijacking of squarely on the
shoulders of Melbourne IT.

fr: Court orders seamstress to hand over web name
A seamstress in southeast France must hand over rights
to the website to U.S. food company Kraft
Foods, vendor of Milka brand chocolate, a court ruled

us: Legislator says governor's Web site is improper
Imagine you're sitting at your computer and you're
curious about a guy named Tim Pawlenty, whom you have
heard might have some higher political ambitions. So
you type in or or
and what happens?

nz: Anycast DNS server mirror set up in Wellington
Wellington DNS server to help reduce network resource
usage and balance loads

New TLDs Coming Soon?
Ten organizations recently submitted TLD applications
to the ICANN.

The Net-Net on Dot Net
ICANN has posted its suggested .net agreement. The new
draft puts the ICANN Board and the Names Council
firmly in control of the registry's future, and
represents a substantial change to the existing
registry contracts. No one gave ICANN the power to do
this, and it is strange that no approval by anyone --
including the US Dept of Commerce -- is being sought
to make this happen. ICANN is taking the occasion of
the .net rebid to restructure its entire relationship
to the world.

Innovation in DNS Business
One thing that amazed me about the ICANN community is
the creativeness in finding new business models. I am
not even talking about new technology like
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), the number of
business models created from the vanilla DNS (actually
just .com) are just mind boggling.

py: Rebuilding a pure Aryan home in the Paraguayan
In the late 19th century, a handful of German families
settled in a remote jungle of Paraguay, where they
intended to create a racially pure utopian settlement
called Nueva Germania. ... The Juniper Hills town
council is now trying to distance itself from both
Woodard and Nueva Germania. Council President Vance
Pomeroy said the town has created a new Web site -- -- and will ask the ICANN,
which assigns domain names, to shut down the original
Web site.

Who's in Charge of the Internet?
Ever wondered about the organizations that oversee the
architecture and operation of the Internet? A recently
published article provides an enlightening glimpse
behind the scenes of the net's governing bodies.

AfriNIC Application for Recognition as Regional
Internet Registry
In August 2004, the African Internet Numbers Registry
(AfriNIC) submitted an Application for Recognition as
the official Regional Internet number Registry (RIR)
for the Africa region. In September 2004, the ICANN
Board awarded provisional recognition to AfriNIC, with
the expectation that they would fulfil their planned
transition from the RIRs previously serving that
region during early 2005.

ICANN Takes Site Finder Countermeasures in .net
The ICANN may allow VeriSign Inc to run the .net
domain name registry for another five years, or it may
not, but the organization will take measures to limit
the possibility of another costly VeriSign lawsuit.

Dutch judge sentences DoS perpetrator to prison
A Dutch judge has sentenced a denial-of-service attack
perpetrator to a prison term - the first time an
offender has received a jail term in the Netherlands
for such an offence.

A Domain By Any Other Name
Just about any small business owner who's tried to
find an available domain name ending in .com can tell
you it's like trying to find the proverbial needle in
a haystack.

Domain Roundtable Dates Announced
Whois technology developer Name Intelligence Inc.
announced on Monday that the Domain Roundtable
conference will be held May 25, 2005 at the Sheraton
Seattle Hotel in Seattle.

Discover a Great Domain With Dotster's Fast New Domain
Discovery System (news release)
Leading ICANN accredited registrar Dotster Inc.
announced today the launch of its second generation
Domain Discovery System, an advanced domain search
technology that instantly provides thousands of
relevant search results based on domains or keywords
entered by its users.

Domain Name Registration Forum
Registers 500th Member (news release)
New domain name registration and domain sales forum
jets to 500 members in less than ten months of
operation, on pace to have over 1,000 members by the
end of the year.

Huge Domain Industry Conference in Seattle, Washington
in May 2005 (news release)
From the innovators of the popular domain
search technology, comes a domain name industry event
like no other.

Tunis Summit taking Shape
Following the Geneva WSIS preparatory meeting (Prepcom
2) the Tunis Summit is taking shape

New Technology: Africa is Being Left Behind
PREPARATIONS are now in full swing for the second
phase of the WSIS to be held in Tunis from November 16
to 18 in Tunisia but against a background of low
participation by African nations. The first phase of
the summit was held in Geneva in 2003.


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