AU Questionability.

AU Questionability.

From: Sean Finn <sean.finn§>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:12:35 +1000
Negligence isn't quite a word I'd use directly, however picked up that word
in rebuttal.

More along the lines of some questionable ethics, aka Ches, which, yes, many
have questioned, (so I don't need to prove my point there).

This list has served to educate, and also point a big nasty finger at
questionable people and conduct. Amidst all the noise, a few good finger
pointing episode HAVE come out of it to make .au just that little bit more
analy retentive than it used to be, and therefore just a little better place
to reside than the grotesque world of .com or .net (Such as the hiding of
registrant info)

Currently, I don't see much negligence. I see some people sometimes
misunderstanding the rules, which are changing less and less frequently, but
everywhere I see a genuine attempt to fix up whatever mistakes are made.
(Almost always, Ches is about the only controversy left in .au at the
moment, lol.)

With this in mind, NOTHING is ever squeaky clean, so theres gotta be some
dirt waiting to be dug up somewhere, and something genuine too.

Actually, if anything genuine WAS amiss in .AU, don't you think Harry would
have made a comeback to rustle up some enthusiasm for debate? ;)

This list is pretty much dead because .au is working well, that's my
feelings anyway.

Mr David G keeps its heart beating with news, which is great.

I have no controversy to report on this front.. :)

.au works

.au is boring

.au is looking pretty stable, definitely stable enough to run business from.

(With the only exception every 4 years or so re-election of the registry)

Any ideas when the next registry re-election is coming up?

-yawn- bedtime



I am interested to understand what you see as negligent in the .AU
namepsace, though, if you'd like to elaborate (and change the thread

And your political point about "me too" lending credibility to a point or
position is very relevant in an online context, because that sort of
consensus building can result in a clear picture of the 'will of the


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